Tech Tools for Early Learners

Cathy France and Cindy Henneous


Setting the boundaries!

Rules, Storage, and Guided Access!

Haiku Deck-Free (

Book Creator-iPad APP-(

Puppet Pals-( Directors Pass-$4.99

Chatter Kids-Free

Sock Puppets-Free


Doodle Buddy-Free


All of the above apps do have upgrades.

Epic-free to educators (also an app in itunes)

Augmented Reality-It's Just Fun!!

What is augmented reality? Movies have given us a sense of “alternative reality” for years. Augmented reality makes something come to life! It seems like magic.

Let's take a look at a few of our favorites:

AR Flashcards (free) - Animal/Alphabet Flashcards

1. Download and print in color the Alphabet Flashcard from

2. Download the AR Flashcards App from the Apple or Google Play store.

3. Open the AR flashcards App and press Get Started.

4. Hover you device over a flashcard. Make sure your sound is turned on. Touch the image when it appears and and you will hear the name of the animal and the letter it begins with.

Ideas for using AR Flashcards from Karen's Technology Locker:

-shuffle the flashcard and have students alphabetize them

-shuffle the cards, lay a limited number out, have students build beginning or ending sounds

-shuffle the cards, lay them out and have students spell their name (you may need two decks of cards)

-print two sets of cards and play memory

-identify the number of syllables in each animal word that is on the flashcard

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - An interactive narrative experience. The app is free and the book can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Quiver-3D Coloring App

1. Download and print the coloring pages from

2. Download the Quiver App from the Apple or Google Play store.

3. Have students color a picture related to your curriculum inside the Dot. Be careful not to color over the black outlines too much.

4. Open the Quiver app and watch your picture come to life! Touch the purple circle to see more image.

Let's take a brain break!