Double Digit Addition

Strategies Without Regrouping by Jessica Middleton

The Purpose for Research

The primary purpose of this study is to determine which strategy is most effective for double-digit addition without regrouping. Number sense is an important aspect for young students to learn in math. Kindergarten is a crucial year for students to start talking about math and learn how to explain their math strategies. Students need to devise more efficient and higher level thinking strategies.


  • 18 kindergartners
  • 10 boys and 8 girls
  • 14 Caucasian students
  • 1 Indian student
  • 1 African American student
  • 2 bi-racial student

Research Question

Which method is most consistent and rapid when teaching students two-digit addition without regrouping?

Future Use

I will use this research to continue my instruction in math strategies with addition and prepare my students to learn subtraction. I have made a wall chart based on each of the three strategies for students to use in the future.