The Charm Bracelet

The story of a crazy kidnapping

What is it about?

The Charm Bracelet is about a man whose parents used to be best friends with another pair of parents, but when they had a huge argument, they went their separate ways. In the next week the man's parents were killed in a car accident. The man, James, believes it was the other parents who did this, so he decides to get revenge by kidnapping their son. To find out more, read the script of the Charm Bracelet

Check out the Movie too!

Going along with the script there is also a movie! The movie a great with plenty of suspense. If you are looking for a great movie with suspense and action, then this is the movie for you!



Produced By: Silano Studios

Director: Joe Silano

Actors: James - Will Loggia

Daniel - Jack O'Dell

Charlie - Sullivan Grace