Earth Day

Save The Green!

Earth Day History

Earth day was started by a man named Senator Gaylord Nelson. This man wanted to protect the environment, and keep the earth blossoming with green. Back in the time he had wanted to do this, during the 60's, and 70's, environmental issues didn't really appear. When he was senate, Nelson appealed to the community and made April 22nd a "designated day for the environment." He wanted to impress others because of this action. Nelson succeeded with over 20 million people celebrating earth day every year. That is how earth day came to be.
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Ways to go green

1. Recycle Glass Bottles.

If you recycle one glass bottle, you can generate enough power to light a 100 watt light bulb.

2. Don't cut trees.

Over 30 million trees are cut down just to make a years supply of news papers.

3. Close your faucets.

1 drip of faucet water per second can waste 540 water gallons a year.

Interesting Facts

1. Acid Rain

Acid rain is a substance caused by when rain water is contaminated with fumes from car exhausts. If this rain falls, buildings can erode, and damage wildlife.

2. Off The Grid

As of 2013 over 1.7 BILLION people live off the grid. To be off the grid you need to be in a house that does not need the assistance of public utility services.

3. Cleanest City

Currently the cleanest city in 2015 is, Prescott, Arizona.

4. Cleanest Building

The cleanest city in USA is the Almaden Tower, that is owned by Adobe. It is in San Jose California.



Wednesday, April 22nd, 8pm

Beijing, China

Beijing, Beijing

In Beijing, China, because of all the little and trash left on the Great Wall of China, left by lazy hikers, On earth day, Beijing will try to pick up and throw out as much trash as they can.