This star won't go out

The life and words of Esther grcae Earl

Written by Esther earl

Published by The Penguin Group,2014

ISBN 9780525426363

Genre is AutoBiography


This star won't go out

This star won't go out is about a girl named Esther grace who at age twelve is dianosed with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is a disease that you can get when abnormal cells grow in your thyroid gland which is located in the front of your neck. Esther had her lungs fuild with water and needed to have a oxygen tank with her at all times. She struggled with this disease for four years then her body couldn't fight anymore. Throughout the four years she found a pastion for a writer named John Green and came across him at a Harry potter convention. The friendship between John and Esther lead him to write his bestselling novel The fault in our stars.

Although Esthers story isn't exactly like The fault in our stars the concept is the same. All before her story was well known she liked to talk to friends on skype that also had a intrest in John Green. She also likedto make little youtube videos of the family and her which is now ran by her sisters and mom to stay in touch with her supoters. Her friends, family had lots to say about Esther when her passing but had all good tings to say about her. They said she was bright, bubbly, and always had a smile on her face even through rough times. Esthers story has touched so many people and has many more lives to put a impact on.

a tribute video for Esther Earl

The girl who inspired John to write The fault in our stars

video of John Green saying goodbye

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