Cardinal Chronicle

Week of April 11, 2016



ISTEP Math- 29%
- 70%
- 10-17 Absent- 50 students, 18+ Absent- 30 students
OSS- 64 incidents


Workday- 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Supervision Spots by 8:40 am and 3:45 pm

This will be an "B" week for Friday Related Arts Rotations

Apr. 11- Lesson Plans Due on Sharepoint (9:00 am)

Apr. 11- DIBELS Data Trackers due to Wirth, Barnes, Shuey

Apr. 12- PLC Content Meetings (K,2,4,6 ELA/1,3,5 Math)

Apr. 12- Family Science Night w/ Marion University (5:00-7:00 pm)

Apr. 13- Tornado Drill (9:15 am)

Apr. 13- Leadership Team Mtg (7:45 am)

Apr. 13- PLC Content Meetings (K,2,4,6 Math/1,3,5 ELA)

Apr. 14- Principal's Meeting (Wirth Off Campus)

Apr. 15- 3-6 Common Assessments (Achievement Series)


Thank you for a smooth transition back from break! Students (and staff) appear to be acclimating back to doing "school". Make sure we are continuing to reinforce that positive behavior and practice until we get it right! We set the tone from the start....and students will rise to the expectations we have in place. More Cardinal Cash is on the way...

Short observations will begin this week. I will be on the posting and alignment of I CAN statements, the referencing of these statements throughout the lesson, and how you engage students in the content. Instruction must be intentional and directly tied to the purpose of the lesson. It is not enough to keep students are engaging them in a rigorous and intentional manner?

The schedule for ISTEP Part II is attached. We will begin on Tuesday, April 19th and conclude on Wednesday, May 4th. This part of the test is worth 70% of the overall score. This window is longer and contains more parts- three sections of Math, three sections of ELA, and two sections of Science and Social Studies. We will be switching planning times and follow the below schedule for Related Arts on testing days only:

  • 11:30-12:30-Grades 3/4
  • 12:30-1:30- Grades Pre K/K
  • 1:30-2:30- Grades 5/6
  • 2:40-3:40- Grades 1/2

If you have any students that need referring for RtI, please submit the referral to Kristina Gluth, our School Psychologist. If you have any questions, she is here Monday and Thursday, or available by email at If a student is not making progress based on data, they need to be referred for support! Also, you can click on this link for the RtI referral document and resources provided through Ms. Gluth.

We will be holding a Tornado Drill on Wednesday, April 13th @ 9:15 am. Please review our school safety plan (attached) to make sure you are in the appropriate place with your students. if you have questions, please let me know.


Educator mindset has a HUGE effect on student achievement...what's yours?

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