Come with Sir Francis Drake

Kate Landis and Katelyn Frank 7th Hour

Sir Francis Drake

Born: 1540 in Tavistock, England.

Family: 12 brothers and sisters, Dad (farmer), and Mom (Took care of Kids).

Past: Before he planned on going on this sailing trip, he was in charge of a boat called Judith. Also, he was a slave trader and privateer.

Sail for the Queen!

Take a journey to round the tip of South America and explore the west coast. Come and take a look for your self at the new land! We are scheduled to depart in November 15th, 1577. 164 people are allowed to join! Sign up quickly because spots are being taken as you know it! All food and items that will be needed for the trip will be supplied!

Golden Hinde

The one and only ship fit to allow a safe journey to the new lands. There is maximum safety including 22 guns. It can hold 164 people, and weighs 2 tons!


Down below is the route we will be taking on this voyage. It is approx. 36,563 miles! You will see lots of ocean, and nature on this route. There are a lot of unique places that we will be stopping at!
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