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Think Before You Do

Ever thought about going to War?

Many people talk about going to war but how many actually have what it takes to actually go to war. War is very scary and some people take it way too lightly. People die on a daily basis trying to protect our country. Some people join the military without knowing what they are actually getting into, so I have took it upon myself to get an inside story of what happens on the front line


It was June 6, 1944 and the United States military was arriving to the Dog Green Sector on Omaha beach. As our soldiers were arriving to shore they were being shot at left to right some of them dying right then. Soldiers were jumping out the boats, crawling, and trying to drag their fellow soldiers onto the sand. From there they started hiding behind things and tried to get into trenches. Some soldiers ran around carrying their own body parts others were getting shot in the head and other soldiers were getting carried to a safe spot getting help from their friends. As the soldiers were in the trench they tried to come up with a plan and started to fire back at the opposing military. As somer were leaving the trench other soldiers were putting dog tags on the soldiers who had died so when a body was seen they would know who the soldier was
So before entering the service think about what our military goes through and ask yourself are you really brave enough.