Caden McCarson

Weather and climate

Most of the weather is very wet and rainy. It depends on where the forest is located like if it is in Texas, then it will most likely be dry and humid. If it is in Alaska or a place by that, the it will most likely be very cold.


High 86 Fahrenheit, Low -22 Fahrenheit


200 centimeters per year usually


The landforms of a forest are mostly trees and sometimes hills and cliffs. Some forest have flat ground and others have very curved and downhill grounds. Many wild animals can tear up a lot of the climate and that effects it really bad


A forest is a large with trees and grass. You can also call it the wood or woods. A forest can be found all regions. Trees are great air conditioners for the earth and they rid the air with carbon dioxide and other pollutants to improve air quality.


Mountain forests are very important sources of wood and other forest products. There are very many mountains in the the forest like the Alberta Mountain Forest. The Alberta Mountain Forest is a ecoreign that covers the Rocky Mountains.

Bodies of water

Many forest in the world there can be lakes or rivers. Some rivers flow miles and miles long. Their is a river in Illinois called River Forest that travels along a forest northern Illinois. The river goes all the way across the half of Illinois.


There is a canyon called Hells Canyon that is located in a forest. It borders Oregon, Washington, Idaho in the United States. This Canyon was carved by the Snake River. Many canyons are mostly in desert areas or dry.


Their is an place called Hall Island that is covered with forest. It is located south shore of the Salmon River Reservoir in the town of Redfield in the northeastern portion of Oswego County. It was purchased by the Samon River Company.


Their are many animals in forests. You can find deer, squirrel, hog, and many more. The most common would probably be the squirrel. You can find a squirrel anywhere like a forest, a backyard and many more places.


Plants are the home in the forest. If you want to discover plants, then the best place to go would most likely be the forest. Trees, grass, and bushes are all plants and they are all in the forest. Yards have plants but the forest have all kind of stuff.

Catastrophic events

Some catastrophic events in forest are mostly forest fires. Forest fires happen in very hot climates about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Forest fires have to have dead, brown leaves to have a forest fire so that they can burn