• Sounder Preserved and did not die when he was shot. Mother took care of the kids, made dinner, and never missed any of it one time. Father does the same and wants what is best for the children. Boy Overcame being on his own and made a life out of everything.

similar to sounder

Martin luther king jr. was a man who gave the black and white people equal rights. He had many obstacles in the way but he overcame them. When he was assassinated he lived on and people began to realize that people are people no matter what their skin color is, What their gender is, and what they think of in other people.

Martin Luther king

My video and sounder similarity's


Sounder and the poodle are just alike. They are both acsided when they see their master. They both love their masters. And they Both hate it when they are not with their masters. They are very much alike

Anticipation guide

Some people are just born to lose. I think that if you try you will get good, but sometimes there's just that thing that you're not interested in or can’t get good. It’s not your fault just because you can’t. I always wanted to impress my dad. And when my brother was in wrestling he was so happy. I wanted that, but I never got better so I quit for basketball. I was good at it and I still am today. I guess wrestling was just not my sport and that’s not my fault. Just like everybody who can’t get good at something. It’s not their faults it's just not there hobby.

A father, daughter, and dog.

  • There Are many similarities to both stories. They both have a dog. They both Are Sad in the end. In both the dog dies shortly after the father.
  • Only in sounder the dad does not yell at the boy like the dad does in A father, daughter, and dog. The Dad is old but in sounder the dad is not to old. And in sounder The dog is used for hunting.


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