How to remove blackheads from nose

My nephew Dina, two weeks ago she was so gay and smiley before me as well as before anyone she’s supposed to be. Some period in the middle make her whole gesture look like a little clumsy and depressed. She’s going to lose steadiness and does not engage herself any more with work or study. Since last few days she also looks very frustrated and depressed. She’s left seriousness in doing anything and does whatever anyone says accordingly with no gratification. She did not show any anger for last few days to her mom or sister or even anyone. Of course she has been interrogated by her mom to confess if anything there is to say or not to say. She passed the interrogation perfectly and became jolly in a few minutes. Once her mom took a step to entertain her, with some few projects, like having homemade fried chicken-; buying tickets for theme park etc. But it did not make a difference to suit her mental state. But she reacted well and tells her mom that she doesn’t have any bad thinking or not clinically depressed. She is not feeling alone and aware a little bit of what she’s not doing, should be as usual to do. Her eating and sleeping are regular she looks frustrated but watch the TV and makes comments meaning fully.

Nobody dares to ask her to go or think about psychiatrist, but she did not need it all yet. But it’s a headache for every one as her examination is very close to hand and also nobody saw her so remote from study, though her preparation is not bad and typically she is advanced in completing the syllabus before the time, normally expected to reach goals. When it is becoming an issue to talk specially or do something instantly, she came back. That is she started prayer recently, does the additional work and teaches his brother when she has time. Thus slowly she indicates that the better feeling she has now. This is quite better than earlier. Most of all it’s a good sign that no interrogation needs to her anymore.

It was Friday yesterday and I went to their house nearer to my residence. What was happened, I really wasn’t surprised. But I understood something differently and had given her a few advices; also I counsel my sister to go with her if she immediately wants to talk to any physician who is an expert in dermatology.

Dina passes her pubic period. By this time she caught blackheads on her nose, and in some few places of her face, there is some acne and pimple that look like very odd in a sudden moment. She started hair-fall problem, slight constipation and a very little hunger to eat. Simultaneously these skin diseases make her depress, as she never saw her face in so much uncertainty if it would be permanently bad-looking. But she somehow managed the situation and is convinced now about some maintainable thing and she is not worried too much from now on. She has to wait and has to be steady again. Now Dina will work for this for several days and overcome the frustration.