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*star story #1: fitting in* by liia rudolph

Ever changed to fit in and be cool? Liia completely transformed herself to be part of the 'it clique'. Little did she know that this would turn her life around. She was used. She ate only an apple a day to lose weight. She became extremely makeup and fashion conscious. Within a year, Liia had smoked and drank alcohol. She'd done things she never dreamed of doing. She did this all to fit in.

When her popularity is lost and she is left alone as an overly made-up, lonely girl, Liia thinks that no one will talk to her. For these past few years, she's been faking her true feelings and values to try and fit in. To try and be 'cool'. But she's back where she was before. A loser.

Little does Liia know that the girls she gossiped about would turn out to be her true friends. From these girls, Liia relearns her values, and finds out about who she truly is. She finds her identity she had pushed aside and completely forgotten about, as she strived to be in the 'it clique'. Liia learns that she is wanted, and that she doesn't have to be a partygoer, alcohol drinker, smoker or stylish clothing wearer to have friends. Finally, Liia can be who she really is. Finally, Liia can be who she deep down really wants to be. Finally, Liia can do what she believes and not be judged by her friends. Finally, Liia no longer needs to fake it. Finally, Liia fits in.

Fitting In is a great read for teens, as it is really relatable and well written. Pretty much all of us have done something differently to try and be 'cooler'. The story reminds us that we're not alone in doing this. It's written in Liia's perspective, and her writing style really makes the reader feel as if we're in her shoes, experiencing what she is.

This story is especially great at conveying a message of faith. Fitting In gives the message that even though you might feel as if you don't know who you are and that you're losing your identity by trying to fit in, be who you truly are and everything will be okay. Liia made it through this whole experience and so can you.


  • Teenagers
  • Girls who feel as if they are throwing away their values and feelings to fit in
  • Anyone looking for a good read about middle and high school life

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An amazing read! You've got to check this out!

*star story #2: saying good-bye to fairy tales* by anarea popp

When Anarea was a child, she dreamt of her handsome prince, coming to save her from the cold, cruel world. That all changed when

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Pretty good stuff!