An #EpicYEN Event!

We are YEN - Young Educator Network

Join us for networking, fun and plans to take over the world....

ISTE's 2013 Conference is Coming!

Go all out and join the YEN activities with Twitter and Instagram hashtag #EpicYEN for YEN related updates, events, and drink tickets at our social!

Newcomer Webinar! (Date TBD)

Monday, April 29th 2013 at 1pm

This is an online event.

Join us for a Google Hangout with an interactive Q&A session. If you are late to the party you can follow the link to watch via YouTube and ask your questions there or use the twitter hashtag for #EpicYEN.

URL Coming Soon

Conference Events!

This year there are special YEN events around every corner! Check the schedule here for details!

  • Sunday, June 23 - 3-5pm Networking Fair!
  • Monday, June 24 - Something

  • Tuesday, June 25 - Something bigger

  • Wednesday, June 26 - I dunno!

  • Lots of other stuff!!!
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