Peek at the Week

October 16-20, 2017


Well, you guys. I have to admit this. I am absolutely LOVING the 50 observation requirement I've been tasked with! I know what you're thinking, "Well, I'm glad YOU ARE!" :) But I'm enjoying every minute of getting into your classrooms and seeing all of the wonderful things that are happening. Each of you amaze me. Such professionalism. Such knowledge of the content. Such precious interactions and connections with your students.

I know the work you do is so very tough at times. The demands are ever-increasing. But we, at North Pointe, are so very blessed to be here. I hope you know how important each of you are in the lives of your students. Thank you!

The Week Ahead

Tuesday: Staff Meeting in the PD room

Wednesday: GLP in grade chair's room

Thursday: Mastery Connect meetings in my conference room during your RA time

Read for the Record! Quackers

3rd grade to AU for Storyteller

Friday: Monster Mash! 6:30-8:00 Bring your family and enjoy this PTO Family Night!

Student Council votes

3rd grade meets about Mastery Connect

Panther Pride Shirts

The re-ordered Panther Pride t-shirts should come in by this Wednesday. This order is specifically for shirts that were missing and/or incorrect from the first order. Those shirts will be distributed as soon as possible.

Please announce to students that the next round of orders will open this Monday and close on Friday for all students that have not ordered a shirt. This will be the last order until late January. Any forms placed after the original order in September will be included in this order.

If you need an order form please see Donna. Thank you!

Report Cards

Be aware that the end of the first nine weeks is next Tuesday, 10/24. We will have a quick turnaround for grades being placed in Power Teacher and verification reports being printed. All grades must be in Power Teacher by the end of the day on 10/25. More details to come...

honor roll

Only grades 2-5 will be recognized for Honor Roll this year. This was decided at our first Leadership Committee meeting. We will recognize Perfect Attendance, Related Arts awards, and Panther Awards at the end of the year. Honor Roll will be announced in the Home Towner, my newsletter, and our school webpage. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. Todd Long will be sending out the details!

One Book One School

Our annual One Book One School program kicks off at a school-wide assembly on Monday, November 6th. The last week in October I will begin providing students with clues about the book, leading up to the assembly where we will have the 'big reveal'. At that time, every student will get a copy of the book and we will provide a schedule for reading it together. We will use the first 2 weeks in November to read and celebrate our book. Megan has planned some great activities! It's going to be so much fun!

Your Class Schedules

Please remember that I must have an updated hard copy of your class schedule IF you did not detail your Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Writing and Word times. Please also provide details of your Guided Math times. These can be placed in my box.

Thank you!


If you need to be out, please let me know either via email or in person. The tan form is the documentation process if you know you will be out in advance, but I would like to have a conversation with you about it. We all get busy, but I do care about what is happening in your lives. I appreciate this!

1:1 Technology Plan

Last week we were given the district's plan for 1:1 in grades 1-5. In January, all of the chromebooks in grades 3-5 will be given to students in grades 1-2. Students in grades 3-5 will receive brand new chromebooks! This is such exciting news! More details will be provided about what this means for our apple products and the technology for 4K and K students.

Writing Contest

I could not be MORE EXCITED about reading the students' writings about how Mr. Cobbs and I should dress up for Halloween! Remember to be considerate of any student who may not 'celebrate' this holiday and offer them an alternate activity. Work with your team to determine how you will assess these. See my email from Friday for all of the details!


If you have a conference planned for 3:00 or after, please plan to come to the office to let the parent in. Most days, Mr. Cobbs and I also have meetings after school and often there is no one in the office after 3:00. Thank you!