October Updates (2)

From Mrs. Samuels' Office 10/25/18

Greetings, Montrose Families!

I hope you are enjoying this crisp Fall weather. The children certainly are! They have been leaf gathering, acorn-hunting and have finally taken their school photos.

Below you will find a series of important updates and information. Please read thoroughly. Follow up with your child's teacher, therapist, our School Nurse or me if you have questions.

I look forward to seeing you around!

Mrs. Samuels

Student Safety in Parking Lots

Student safety is our number one priority! As the weather is breezy and cool, students are often experiencing enhanced curriculum activities while enjoying the outdoors. While we practice safe habits, unexpected vehicles on campus pose a considerable hazard. We continue to request that all visitors please refrain from pulling into either of the school's parking lots at any point during the school day.

Please park on the street so as not to put any children or unsuspecting adults in danger.

Thank you!

Paraprofessional Update

I have been working closely with our paraprofessional staffing agency, Delta-T, to ensure that each class has two classroom paraprofessionals. One requirement, aligned with your requests to continue with lunch in classrooms, is that the paraprofessionals hold a substitute teacher certification in order to supervise classrooms without the teacher.

We have had substitute paras in to support the classrooms, however, long-term paras are not yet in place in all classrooms.

I fully understand the importance of the number of staff and trust that you continue to honor the decision-making process that ensures the best for Montrose students.

Early Childhood Advisory Council

One of the key requirements of the Preschool Education Expansion Aid Grant is to establish community collaboration and planning through the creation of an Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC).

The ECAC has been established and its membership reflects a broad representation of stakeholders. The ECAC's first meeting will be held on Friday, October 26, 2018 at Montrose Early Childhood Center. In addition to a variety of representatives from the SOMSD community and District, members of the Council include:

Bonita Patterson-Samuels, Montrose Principal

Margaret Richardson, Pre-K Program Psychologist

Gerri Colon, Pre-K Program Learning Disabilities-Consultant

Mary Pfister, Pre-K Program Nurse

Beth Cosentino, Montrose Parent

Milagros Nores, Montrose Parent

The first meeting of the ECAC will focus on:

· PEEA implementation 2018-2019

· PEEA ECAC Membership, Mission and Action Plan

· PEEA planning for 2019-2020 Renewal Application

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy on behalf of current and future SOMSD preschool students.

Keeping Montrose Healthy

Thank you for working so diligently to keep our building healthy!

Nurse Mary and I continue to encourage frequent handwashing for all staff and students.

Proper handwashing practices are shown in this video. The Montrose staff continues to work with students to practice proper handwashing, and we ask that you share these steps with your family and caregivers, as well.

In addition to modeling and teaching proper handwashing, we are disinfecting frequently used surfaces and toys. As the fall cold and flu season continues, we will ensure that learning spaces, offices, and common areas are sanitized on a regular basis.

Healthy students learn better! A healthy school community thrives!

Halloween Parade

Wednesday, Oct. 31st, 1:15pm

356 Clark Street

South Orange, NJ

We understand that this event is exciting and special to many. It may also be an overwhelming sensory experience for some. With that, we appreciate your continued support in ensuring that we remain focused on students and their safety & well-being.

Fun, seasonal activities will be planned for any students not participating in or watching the parade.

If there is inclement weather, the parade will be canceled. All families will be notified of cancellation via SchoolMessenger email by 10:30 am.

In order to ensure an orderly and student-centered dismissal process, we will be unable to dismiss students between 1:00 and 2:00 PM. If you anticipate picking your child up early, please do so before 1:00 pm. Students who are dismissed early will not participate in the parade.

Halloween Guidelines and Parade Route


Costumes are not required. If your child chooses to have one, they should bring costumes, not wear them to school. Face paint/makeup can be applied before coming to school. No simulated “weapons” are allowed. This includes swords, sabers, etc. Children must be able to see clearly, so only masks that allow unobstructed vision will be allowed. Costumes that drag on the ground will not be permitted. In order to avoid unnecessary upset for the students, please be sure to try on costumes at home a few days before 10/31.


We will exit the main door of the building (using the ramp), make a right towards Clark Street, walk on Clark Street on the sidewalk across the front of the school, make a right into the secondary parking lot, up the stairs and onto the path to Meeker. We will walk along the sidewalk on Meeker, back into the yard (using the gate farthest from the playground) and back up the ramp into the building. Families who desire to stop by will be able to see the parade from any spot along this route.


Family members may not take students from their lines or block our walking route. All students will re-enter the building after the parade for a regular 2:00 dismissal. If you anticipate early dismissal, please pick your child up before 1:00. Students dismissed prior to 1:00 will not participate in the parade.