Sports Cars: Past And Present

Past,Present,and how it helped society.

"The Beginning of Cars"

In 1900's there were 3 car companies: Ford, Rolls Royce, and Porsche. Ford was the top car company until 1919 when Rolls Royce came out with the fastest car. They became top for 5 years then went bankrupt due to money. This allowed Ford to move back to number 1 as Chevy and Honda were first introduced to the market.

Making Cars Better and More Effecient

Manufacturers Need For Speed

As sports car company's become inspired by new car looks, there are three cars that have ruled over all the rest.

Cars and Society Today

When there were no cars around people had to either walk(which 78% of people had to do),or they used bicycles which were expensive for a lot of people.The fastest way to get around back then was horses. Today, we have cars that help save a lot of time each day by being able to get from place to place in a timely manner. Though people are able to save time, there are a few negative things that cars did as well. Air pollution increased due to the oil and gas that is used to run the automobiles and it made purchasing parts for automobiles more expensive.


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