Mobile Money Code Review Greg Anderson

Mobile Money Code Review

Hey guys, Jeff Martin here and today I’m going to be bringing you my highly anticipated Mobile Money Code Review.

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The product itself is a revolutionary state of the art mobile site builder that easily allows you to set-up sites in minutes with a “drag and drop” sort of feel. I’ve played around with the software for a few hours now (and even created a site to use personally since my Uncle owns a Pizza joint) and I have to say, it’s one of the easiest, newbie friendly tools I’ve ever come across.

Here’s a Live Training Video showing you case studies of beginners and normal people just like you, making $4,000 a Day using their cell phones

With that being said, don’t let it fool you. Just because it’s “beginner friendly” it doesn’t mean its trash. Like I said I’ve personally used it to build a site. Some of the features it has are mind-blowing. Click to call and Google Map integration to name a few.

Mobile marketing is growing SO fast and the time is now if you want to take part of the multi-billion dollar industry. What’s the best way to get started? Well, one way is through the use of the latest mobile marketing course by a guy named Ronnie Montano called Mobile Marketing Code.

Mobile Marketing Code is unlike anything you have ever seen.. as it should be since they have been developing it for nearly a year now. With it, you will get access to software that’s a true drag and drop – click-click type software. You will be shown how to create professional mobile businesses and how they can make $150-$3000 a month PER SITE by simply going out to the local businesses to sell the sites.

The Mobile Money Code system requires basically no technical skills because the process is so simple and was created in a way to be fail proof.

Mobile Money Code Members Area

To complement the software, we also get a training video and relevant training pdfs (see video above). Also included in the membership are access to 12 LIVE training webinars that happen each week. There area also a range of other tools included from a QR code generator to a mobile site indexer, mobile marketing training and everything in-between – again see the video above for full details.

  • Getting clients and sales is covered again in the training, but I liked the different possibilities to earn following the method. A few of my favourite being.
  • Create free websites if they by hosting though you (you can get $100 commissions for if for recommending hosting to people!)
  • Rent the sites to business owners on a monthly basis (i.e. $400 per month for you to host the site etc)
  • Or the traditional create and sell method (flipping)

Again, all of which is covered in the course.

Click Here to Visit Mobile Money Code Offical Website

Mobile marketing is set to explode over the following few years. In reality by 2014 roughly mobile internet will overtake desktop internet, existing marketers, brands and businesses realize this and so are turning to this effective method rather than other marketing methods such as email marketing campaigns. Mobile Money Code, Sales of popular android and iPhones have skyrocketed and have become a popular strategy to access the internet and use social media. Businesses and brands recognize this and therefore are trying to connect with users offering enticing discounts hoping this is relayed via social networking.

Mobile ads will likely be localized or strongly related the individual user therefore avoiding bombardment of unsolicited ads, the truth is already one half of local searches are executed on a cell phone. Mobile Money Code, This creates staggering opportunities for small businesses and individuals to inform mobile phone users of their offers, offerings with immediate results. Mobile marketing will be an opportunity for local business owners to successfully control and manage their unique marketing campaigns, Message marketing providers are coming up with some super easy to use but powerful platforms to achieve this, their services range from text message marketing, multimedia, email to SMS, SMS shortcode, mobile website tools along with providing ongoing support.

Click Here to Visit Mobile Money Code Offical Website