4th Grade Newsletter November 30

Mrs. Wiley & Miss Fletcher

Welcome Back!

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving Break, and that you got to spend amazing time with family and friends. My dad's entire side of the family came down from Arkansas so you could say it was a wild week. I am so impressed with how well all of our 4th graders behaved at the Dallas Museum of Art before the break.

Don't forget that over the break your child should have started on the experiment portion of their science fair project. Next week, the graph, results, and conclusions are due. Then on the week of December 14th the science fair boards are due! Pat yourself on the back parents, you are almost through!

All make up work for this six weeks will be due to that subject's teacher on December 11th. Class parties for 4th grade will be at 2:00 on December the 18th. Parents are welcome to attend but please email your child's classroom teacher so that we can pre-print you a badge and help speed up the process in the front office.

Keep in mind that our day of parent conferences is December the 8th. You should have received a sign up sheet before the Thanksgiving Break. If you have not selected a time for a conference, we have booked the entire day of the 8th full. If you would still like to conference, please contact your child's homeroom teacher to set up a time. If you are not interested in conferencing at this point please email your child's homeroom teacher and let them know. We will be using these conferences to discuss scores on Mid-Year assessments as well as academic and social growth that we are noting in your child.

Thanks for all that you do,

Miss Fletcher

This week at WRE:

In math we are beginning to study decimals and numbers that are less that one whole. We will begin with pictorial models, then move into comparing and ordering decimals. We will also practicing adding and subtracting decimals which will be a great help when we move into our personal financial literacy unit right before winter break.

In science we are continuing our unit on physical science. We will be discussing different forms of energy (light, thermal, electrical) and how we use energy in our daily lives. This week we will focus on thermal energy.


· We will continue our Literary Non Fiction Unit that will last for 2 more weeks. This week will read aloud an autobiography and a biography. We will then compare and contrast a biography to a poem with a similar theme/message . Our reading will focus on the life of a subject and explain the accomplishments and achievements of this subject. Good readers should use the setting, text’s special features, the character (the real person), point of view, the person’s challenges, & accomplishments to infer the theme of the text.

· Friday, December 18, Biography End of Unit Assessment

Language Arts:

· The students will continue writing to an Expository Assessin for RISD’s writing portfolio. The students will be given the prompt, “Write about a job you enjoy the most.” Students will have close to 2 weeks to work on these in class. As a class, we will go through the steps of the writing process together. Our student’s writing will be kept in their Writing Portfolio’s in our classroom.

· We will combine sentences with conjunction words to form compound sentences.

· We will spell words with /ow/ and /ou/

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Upcoming important dates:

Friday, December 4th: Limited Edition performance in café at 8:15 for 3rd – 6th grade, and Last day to turn in shoes for the Think Kindness challenge.

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:

· December 14th: Spelling Bee in cafeteria at 9 a.m.

· December 18th: End of 3rd six weeks, Santa comes to WRE, Reflections ceremonies, Winter parties 2:00