ROCK Newsletter

June 2, 2016 Volume 6. Issue 38

Summer here we come!


Well, we have had a great 6th year of ROCK thanks to all of your hard work and dedication to ROCK. Thank you so much for being part of the ROCK team this year.

Pay Roll Cut Off - is tomorrow. Make sure to turn in your pay requests ASAP! Don't forget to include the extra hours that you will work for Early Release tomorrow.

Summer Staff schedule assignments will be sent out by Jeanette shortly. Be on the look out for this email.

Save the Dates: Please check the Upcoming Events section as I have added the August training dates. Plan your summer vacations accordingly!

Staff Updates:

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and ROCK Aides: Hillary Adams (Nebbie), Courtney Beaster (Springer), Tyler Ham (Pullen), Hannah Hohenberger (Stevenson), Danielle Kula (CLP), Ashleigh Letlow (Reinhardt), Clair Whelan (Reinhardt), Gabriela Vigueras (Amy Parks). We are so proud of you!

Two of our ROCK Teachers will not be returning next year. Gaby Yanez (Spanish teacher at Dobbs, Hays and Stevenson) and Denise Hoover (Art teacher at Springer). Thank you both for your service to ROCK. We will miss you.

Kylle and Keanne Esteban will be working Summer ROCK, but neither will be returning to ROCK for next school year as their college studies continue. Please wish these ROCK Instructional Assistants and brothers well on the future endeavors. You've been great role models for the young boys in ROCK.

Photos this week:

  • Quote of the week: I truly believe this quote from Zig Ziglar and I credit the success of ROCK this year to you, my ROCK Staff. You all how extraordinary determination.

  • Jones ROCK Stars celebrate completing 5 years of ROCK!

  • Nebbie ROCKers enjoyed playing a cooperative ball game - looks so fun!

  • Dobbs ROCK Stars recently enjoyed celebrating Cinco De Mayo with their Spanish teacher, Gaby Yanez.
  • Summer Staff learned a lot at the Straight 8 training last Saturday. See all the fun pics below.
  • ROCK Stars at Nebbie looked so cute celebrating Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

You guys, ROCK!


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June 3: Last day of School and ROCK, Early Release and Pay roll cut off

June 6: Mandatory Summer Staff Orientation

June 7: First day of I Spy Summer Rock

August 3, 5 and 8: Site Coordinator Training

August 10 and 11: All ROCK STAFF Training Days at Stevenson Library 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Contact ROCK

Karen Hunter, ROCK Coordinator - 469-698-7140

Tracey King, Program Assistant - 469-698-7141

Leslie Kropp, Financial Secretary -469-698-7032

Jeanette Murrell, Lead Site Coordinator - 469-698-7035