Choose Athens

Come on over to Athens!

Don't stay with Sparta.

All the Spartans think about is their army, and their men getting stronger. If you come on over to Athens we worship Athena, she is the goddess of wisdom. Not Ares the god of war. We also worship Zeus of course because he is the leader god or the god of gods.

Over here in Athens we value much more in life.

One thing that we value very much here is our temples. It's our responsibility to protect, repair, and defend them. We also love art and learning, and we have monuments that attract people from all the way across the Aegean sea.

Goverment in Athens.

One great thing about about Athens is that we have a democracy. What that means is that everyone has the right to vote, so the people make the decisions. We also have the Assembly which is a group of free men over the age of 18 and their job is to make the laws. On top of that, we have the Council of 500. To get in you must win the lottery. It is made up of 500 people and there are no requirements. They propose laws.

Why Athens' economy is much better than Sparta's.

The Athens' economy is based off of a simple system, trading and tourism. I think that this system is a lot better than Sparta's economy system which is based off farming and conquering. I mean come on how do you make a living off that? Farming is very hard in Greece because of the rocky ground, mountains, and ocean nearby. To rely off of conquering other lands... well, that is just awful.
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So what do you say, Athens is better right?