Copyright Piracy

Yo ho, Yo ho

Everything on the internet is free for public use, right?

Wrong, mateys! Unless stated so, media from the world wide web is most likely copyrighted. This means that there is a legality that grants the creator the right to this piece of media, and it is not legal to use it in any writings, blogs, on a class website, or anything else of this nature. Doing so is often referred to as "pirating." Fair use, on the other hand, is an act allowing one to use copyrighted materials for education purpose, but with limited use.

What is often pirated?

  • Pictures (if using someone else's picture, you often include the link to the picture under it.
  • Videos
  • Music (many songs are downloaded illegally every year)
  • Quotes
There are websites that can assist when you are worried about copyright infringement. One of these is When citing a source from the internet, this website can make sure your source is cited right. Also, there is another website called that allow you, when you put your work online, to legally share it for free, depending on the kind of license it was created under. So, before publishing something online, make sure that you are not violating infringement laws. Be careful with what you copy and paste into your works, ye scurvy dogs!