Stellar &Absorption Guide

By: Reece Bordick & Eve Naturale

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Also known as the study between matter and electromagnetic radiation can also be light to another object. Scientist use this repetitively use this making it very useful to them. Light is described as energy that moves throughout space and can be classified as either waves or particles using either the distance of the waves light otherwise known as wavelengths, light is made up of multiple wavelengths.

What is absorption?

The process by which one substance, such as a solid or liquid, takes up another substance, such as a liquid or gas, through minute pores or spaces between its molecules.

Why do astronomers use spectroscopy?

Astronomers use spectroscopy for many different things including being able to split light from space into a spectrum to help determine the spectral lines to infer what different types of compounds are emitted and absorbed.

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Elements in Absorption Spectrum Examples







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