SS Death Squads

Einsatzgruppen Overview

Einsatzgruppen was a special SS mobile task force with around 3,000 men that would carry out mass murders of Jews, Communist Functionaries, and other enemies of Germany. The Einsatzgruppen killed more than 2 million people, 1.3 million of them jews. Most of the killings where mass shootings know as the Holocaust by Bullets. The use of Gas Vans was not as popular on till later on when they found that mass shooting was not fast enough.
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Mass Shootings

Enemies of German were lined up in front of massive graves they were forced to dig and then shot into them by Death Squads in order to kill massive amounts of them. Following the invasion of USSR the day this photo was taken, 45,476 Jewish people where murdered.
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SS Einsatzgruppen soldiers killed jewish people execution style with a personal kill as there fellow members watched by as if it was entertainment for them. The Einsatzgruppen were some of the most gruesome killers the Nazi party had.
einsatzgruppen actual footage


The Death Squad killings started with jews digging single graves and then being shot into them. That was not fast enough so they forced them to dig massive pits and killed jews on top the other dead until the pit was full. Eventually jews were moved into Gas Vans were they were killed by gas during a short ride. From there the Nazi moved to major death camps to be more effective with the killing.