The Martian

Songs that are out of this world.

"Night Fever" by the Bee Gees

Through out the book there is a reoccurring theme of Mark Watney's hatred for disco music. So how fitting would it be that within the first 10 Sol of his nearly 600 sol stay he would be "Staying alive" and avoiding death via being punctured by an antenna.

International Harvester by Craig Morgan

Now I don't know much about the song itself but the name seems pretty fitting. Well almost, for Watney instead of international its inter....plants. Watney uses his botany skills to pay his metaphorical bills of hunger. As Watney sees what his harvest yeilds.

Here Comes The Boom by Nelly

Watney seems to run into a few situations were the result seems to be a little explosive. From burning highly explosive gasses and even his home on Mars going pop. Everything seems like it wants to go "Boom" when Watney's around.

I Will Survive

From surviving an antenna through the side to his home going boom Watney manages his way through anything Mars throws at him. And on his long haul of a final journey I can only imagine Mark Watney, the first person to colonize Mars, listening to this song and singing to himself "I Will Survive"