What's New for 2014?


Check out our new Pro Sheets!

Our new pace model is the best in the industry, and our new HBD Pro Sheets highlight these new and improved algorithms allowing you to have the winning horse more often at the track.

What makes a Pro a Pro?

Our new Pro sheets are enhanced with a new and amazingly accurate pace model prediction algorithm that adjusts our picks based on one of 16 possible pace scenarios in any given race. Our new sheets make it easier than ever to find the pace setters in the race and who may be coming on strong at the end. The new sheets have all the of our HBD figures that you have had success with in the past, but adds our new HBD Early Pace and HBD Late Pace numbers to help you decide where your horses will be in the given pace model of the race. Pace makes the race, with HBD's new Pro sheets you will know the pace and be able to take that knowledge from the betting window into your wallet.

Included in the new Pro Sheets you will see:

  • Projected Winner's Pace: Allows you to see where in the field to look for the most likely winner of the race.
  • Angles: Our new angles section highlights winning angles that are live for each horse.
  • HBD Early Pace Rating: Each horses individual early pace compared to the field.
  • HBD Late Pace Rating: Each horses individual late pace in comparison to the field.

Stick to the Basics

Our new site for 2014 didn't forget about the basics. We have always prided ourselves on being easy to use for anyone and everyone at the track. Our new HBD Basic sheets do just that. It cuts out all the numbers that go into our algorithms and gives you the basics that you will need for each race. The Basic sheets outlines the top four horses in three different area.

  • Overall HBD Rating: Gives you our top 4 picks for each race utilizing our easy to use tiered picking system that has always made HBD the easiest sheet to use for beginners.
  • HBD Early Pace Rating: Lets you know which horses will be out front early in the race and whether or not they can withstand that lead.
  • HBD Late Pace Rating: Gives you simple and easy to read list of which horses should be coming on the strongest at the end.

With HBD's Basic sheets you can be at the track and have a good time without worrying about all the handicapping, let us do it for you.