SPED Update

Week of May 11th

Department Meeting

Our last Department Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd

Resiliency Award

We are looking to gather names and brief descriptions of students whom you believe would make a great candidate for resiliency awards. I'd love to collect the info and then have the department vote on who should receive the awards.



Medicaid Forms: Need as many returned as possible

I have put Medicaid forms in your mailbox to request your students to have signed by parents. The special education office is requesting that all forms be signed and done in the very near future. These forms help us keep track of students and help with assistance, as in $$$$

  • Hunt them down
  • Make a follow-up phone call
  • Make a copy of the form just in case (haha) the student looses it

Action Items:

  • Nominate for Resiliency Award
  • Take quick feedback survey
  • Distribute Medicad forms to students

Thanks Lindsay for sharing :)