Night of the twister's

By Max weber

Night of the Twister's

Night of the twister's By Ivy Ruckman. This book is about 4 people and there strougles threw 2 tornado's or twister's if you will. It starts out Dan and arthur of Grand island, Nebraska .Just having a regular day and then it start's getting windey and they head home. Then the wind speed get's really fast.Then it's done are so they thought. Dan desides for arthur to spend the night. This is a definition of a sleep over gone bad! About after dinner they decide to watch and about 2 minutes in the emergency siren goes off and they race with drilling raced them like the Looney toon guy on energy drink's he rushed to his brother room and got stuck like your finger's in a Chinese trap. But thankfully he got him out and they went to his basement / bathroom and duck and cover. They get out thank's to Arthur sister girl power! They go find Dan's mom they find her but she goes in a bus and doesn't see her for 4 hour's! Then they go to a police car and the police officer get's hit the eye ( A tornado hit the car) and Dan get's to drive a police car. Then they go in a police station sleep for 20 minutes then try to find there family Arthur first then Dan a banded the police car and run's for the home

The Main charter's

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The main charter's

One of the biggest charter's is Dan Hatch. Dan hatch is a serious kid. He is obsessed with bikes! He's best friend is also one of the main charter's his name is Arthur. he loves to eat and they both love a good movie or TV show! He also as 4 sister's but in real life it's false he as 2 brother's. The picture below is 2 out of 7 tornados that happen.

The plot

They made this book because anything can happen! This book is amazing in my opinion this book as lot's of detail. In the interdiction you have to shut off all the light's and read it make's it so much more scary. If you read with a sibling there gonna be under the cover's for most of the time. This book as a audio cd an it makes it way better! So did you read the book and did you like my smore ?
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The problem and the solution

The problem was that a tornado happen and they were divested. Another problem is he couldn't find his mom. The solutions is they rebuild the town and start over. The solution is he run's home but before he can reach there he find's her !