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Silt production

Silt are small particles of rich soil, it relates to world because when it reached Eygpt the Nile flooded,it made the land better for farming.

Phosphate miner

Phosphate is mineral salt used in fertilizers. Farmers used it to grow crows faster and more richer nutrients and the goods stuff


Aquifer is an underground rock layer that flows through.Farmers and city dwellers depended on aquifers to get water.

The Suez waterways

Seuz canal, did three things to help out, it separated the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt. The Eyptians built the canal in the 1860s and the Suez Canal is still one of the world most important waterways.

Aswan dam

Aswan dam have the Eygptians control over the Nile floods and can store water for months.

But it also blocks the the flow of silt, prevents less fresh water into the delta.

Sarhara desert

Sahara Desert is about the size of the United states, and the eastern and libyan desert are part of the Sahara. Sahara comes from the Abrabic word meaning desert