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August & September 2022 Edition

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"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

The Godfather of CTE has decided to retire, enjoy the good life, and follow new dreams.

Our beloved "Godfather of CTE", Richard Grimsley, Director of CTE, made the decision to retire. He will truly be missed. Richard exemplified a passion for education by promoting innovative career based opportunities for students.

In 1989, Richard began his journey in education by planting seeds of knowledge with students and colleagues across North Texas. Throughout his many years in Career & Technical Education, Richard has received state and national awards recognizing him as the "Administrator of the Year". This is why the Godfather persona was the best way to describe Richard's plethora of knowledge in education he acquired and shared.

Since 2013, under Richard's leadership in the Dallas ISD CTE Department, he devoted his career to developing and implementing activities, projects, and innovative STEM curriculum, P-Tech, Career Institutes, Industry Partner Leadership Council, and professional development opportunities for secondary teachers.

The CTE department will continue to educate and touch lives. Another one of the better known Godfather movie quotes says “The only wealth in this world is children. More than all the money, and power on Earth, you are my treasure.” The students are the reason we are all here. Teachers are the lifeline for students, planting seeds of knowledge, fostering hope and a sense of empowerment, and providing career education with hands-on skills, and opportunities for today's youth.

We congratulate you, Richard, for all of your accomplishments, lives you have touched, and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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CTE Middle School Career Exploration

Dallas ISD CTE is gearing up for another exciting year of engagements for our 40+ middle school campuses. The Middle School Career Exploration Experiences support career opportunities for middle school students by engaging with CTE industry partners to extend their learning outside of the classroom with experiential activities. CTE industry partners from various career clusters and programs of study can engage with middle school campuses, in alignment with middle school CTE courses, to meet and greet students and showcase their prospective careers and industry trends.

Featured in the picture are CTE Middle School Program Coordinator Jess Borges, CTE Industry Partner Coordinator Shannon A. Green, and CTE industry partner Cody Seabolt, Director of The Workshop by TBK Bank. TBK Bank established The Workshop to serve the city of Dallas by providing adult building trade education, hosting camps that expose young people to new opportunities in the areas of the Metal shop, Woodshop, Innovation Lab, Artisan Space, and Collaboration, and establishing partnerships with nonprofit organizations that allow the bank to reach beyond the walls of The Workshop.

As part of the Middle School Career Exploration Experience initiative, The Workshop by TBK Bank has scheduled middle school campuses to their site during the month of October for middle school campuses, in observance of Manufacturing Month, Careers in Construction Month, and throughout the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Career Institutes East: Dallas College at Eastfield Campus

Internships are a vital part of what Career Institutes' Construction POS. This past summer Career Institute East had five students participate in summer internships in various departments:

  • Dallas College Eastfield Campus
  • Facilities and maintenance department
  • IT department
  • Interior design firms
  • Harrison
  • JRAF Studio
  • Excell Electric

Ryan Gamino, with Excell Electric, stated "It was an honor to be trusted with our first internship and we look forward to many more years of interns to further the electrical knowledge in the DFW area."

We are thankful for companies providing summer opportunities for our students to learn and grow their skills. The on-site knowledge they received was invaluable.

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Conrad High School: STEM Cluster-Academy of Engineering (AOE)

Emmett J. Conrad High School, Academy of Engineering was a winner of this year’s Sanford I. Weill Academy of Excellence Award. The Weill Award was established in 2013 on the occasion of Mr. Weill’s 80th birthday and is awarded to the NAF academy exhibiting the highest standards for public-private partnerships for the benefit of students.

In order to be considered for this award, academies must:

  • Be Model or Distinguished Academies for 2021-22
  • Have a high Academy Assessment score on work-based learning and advisory board indicators
  • Have a majority of Advisory Board members who are from business
  • Have evidence of providing a high number of their students’ internships

Congratulations on being a 2022 Weill Award winner!

Conrad's NAF Academy of Engineering teachers is pictured receiving the award at the NAF conference this Summer. The campus was also present at the conference sharing their success with Robotics as spearheaded by Mr. Rex Lees and Ms. Monalisa Chadha.

Multiple Careers Magnet Center HS: Culinary Arts Cluster

Ms. Stephanie Silva is filling in at Multiple Careers Magnet Center. We are so grateful to her! Ms. Silva used her connections to bring in a chef from Cane Rosso to speak to her Culinary Arts students and share what it's like to work in a restaurant. He gave a knife demonstration, and the students made Chicken Fettuccine.

The Culinary Arts program at Multiple Careers Magnet Center is preparing students for a career in the restaurant industry. Students receive hands-on experiences in their culinary arts lab that give them the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Marvin E. Robinson School of Business & Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center HS: Marketing Cluster

We are KSBM Radio: The Voice of Townview, and Social Media Marketing with a great group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. On September 2, 2022, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Marcus Nickerson on our first podcast show of the school year.

Through the lens of the internet-based podcast show KSBM Radio, Rochelle Shipman teaches the Practicum in Marketing course. We are currently the only Dallas ISD school with an internet-based podcast show, due to earning the Junior League Grant for Innovative Teaching. KSBM Radio: The Voice of Townview made its debut on November 13, 2013, and we currently host weekly shows and create content for our social media platforms.

The KSBM Radio team works diligently each week to plan and execute various roles, from social media and scriptwriting to production to hosting the show. Additionally, our students are recording shows onsite from our school’s in-house studio in suite 393.

Students are expected to analyze, evaluate, and communicate information effectively through social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The students evaluate and understand how social media has evolved and how it influences how people communicate and use social media as a marketing tool to market our program and school.

The students demonstrate proper written, verbal, and visual communication techniques with proficiency when applying active listening skills to obtain and clarify information. In addition, they understand time management skills such as following schedules allows them to use time wisely and optimize efficiency and results.

The same students are also members of Skills USA. They look forward to demonstrating their leadership skills by participating in district and state competitive events.

Please see the attached list of students who are part of the KSBM Radio Team. They were all in attendance that day. All broadcasting takes place in the School of Business KSBM Radio Suite 392. Photos and videos document from the event:

To learn more about us, please visit our Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Anchor, and Spotify pages via our LinkTree page. Each site will permit you to view photos and listen to or view our past shows.

Kimball HS: Law & Public Service Cluster-Law Enforcement POS

Four elected Dallas County Judges, Amber Givens, Shequitta Kelly, Lisa Green, and Stephanie Huff want to bring about a change to see fewer defendants and plaintiffs that look like them in the courtroom. Together they created a non-profit organization "Pipeline to Possibilities"

Fifty students from Mr. Marvis Mosley's Law Enforcement Program at Justin F. Kimball HS were invited to participate in the Pipeline to Possibilities program (PiP) (other campuses in attendance were Madison, Pinkston, Seagoville, and Carter).

Pipeline to Possibilities is "committed to educating youth on various aspects of the justice system & inspiring youth to become leaders in society". Students interact with the judges in six sessions throughout the year, with four of the sessions at their prospective high schools.

The goal of the program is to "educate youth on various aspects of the justice system & inspire youth to become leaders in society". Students were given workbooks with information pertaining to state laws, the penal process, the jail and bonding process, and many more topics that introduces students to various aspects of the criminal justice system.

Career Institutes East: Construction

Career Institute East started the year off with industry partner engagements. Excell Electric sent several representatives over to speak with students about electrical careers, the history of their company, and workplace expectations. Some of these students are preparing to be interns at Excell. Partners got to experience the VR opportunity of learning about electricity and see what the students must do in the virtual world to complete electrical projects.

Also, Mr. John Tolentino from LIXIL gave a presentation about plumbing and participated in a hands-on activity of cutting pipe, right alongside the students. The students enjoyed observing him cut pipes and they really got a chance to get to know him better as a partner.

A huge thank you to both of these companies for taking the time to provide real-world learning opportunities. We hope there are many more to come.

Career Institutes- South: Architecture & Construction, Health Science, & Manufacturing Clusters

On August 25th, SkillsUSA Student Ambassadors did an outstanding job guiding the guests during the program of study site tours as part of the first Industry Leadership Council Meeting of the year.

Students participants:

Carter High School-- Nah’Si Temple,

Adamson High School --Dajiah Brown,

Kimball High School--Alondra Alonzo, Destiny Sanchez, and Brayden Sinn

Our industry partners were impressed with the engagement and student leadership. On behalf of Director Adrienne Jones and the CTE department, we thank all the students. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Chef Harris for Being Named MASTER TEACHER!!!

Chef Harris is the Culinary Arts teacher at Conrad High School. She consistently goes over and beyond in supervising the student-run Charger Cafe, offers professional development to colleagues, and engages with other industry professionals. Kudos to you, Chef Harris, for this honorable recognition!

Hospitality & Tourism, Education & Training, and Human Services Cluster PLC

This month the Hospitality & Tourism, Education & Training, and Human Services career clusters held PLC meetings. It was nice to get all teachers together after being virtual for so long. Teachers were able to share things they've learned over the summer and best practices.

The Hospitality & Tourism meeting was held at Bryan Adams High School and was hosted by Chef Eric Lockey and Ms. Ty'reell Ewing. Chef Cheryll Harris presented how she plans her Culinary Arts labs for the school year! She also gave away some freebies to those who participated during her presentation.

The Human Services and Education & Training meeting was held at Skyline High School and hosted by the Family & Consumer Sciences department. Ms. Haide Balderrama shared an engagement tool, called Blooket, that she learned about at the Family & Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas (FCSTAT) Conference this summer in San Antonio. We all were able to play with the app, and many walked away excited to implement it in their classes.

We are looking forward to more opportunities to learn from one another this school year!

Skyline HS: Culinary Arts Cluster

It is an honor to share the great news of the Culinary Arts instructor Chef J. Blackwell's many accomplishments. This month he was featured on the "Good Morning Texas" Good Food segment. Chef J. Blackwell demonstrated cooking a Chuckwagon Style meal, from the western cowboy culture. See the TV segment below.

Congratulations Chef J. Blackwell for your amazing work and for bringing those experiences and skills back to share with your Skyline Culinary students!

Industry-Based Certifications (IBC)

An industry-based certification is a credential you earn to show proficiency in a particular area or skill. Schools and organizations offer many certificates specializing in a specific field, such as healthcare or technology.

With that said, TEA has put in place expectations for students to earn these certifications to help students obtain high-wage jobs. To support this, as a district we also focus on non-industry-based certifications, to stack with the TEA recognized certifications, to better prepare our students for future careers.

Below are the totals for last year as well as the top certifications that were earned in Dallas ISD for 2021-2022:

  • Offer 5,515 IBC's recognized (A-F) by TEA
  • Offer 3,943 IBC's non (A-F)
  • Total 9,458 IBC across the school district

Fast 5 IBC's:

Google Analytics: 3,647

MOS: 516

NCCER, Core Level :346

Adobe: 183

Non-Commissioned Security Officer Level II/ Private Security: 148

Below is the TEA new IBC list of eligible certifications:

2022-2024 IBC List for Public School Accountability

CTE Campus Field Trip

The district has resumed approval for campus field trips:

  • All proposed trips must be discussed in advance with the CTE department/ cluster coordinator prior to preparing paperwork.
  • Each Campus Program of study is allotted 2 paid field trips by CTE. Your campus can also fund campus field trips.
  • Visit the School Sponsored Field Trips requirements on this link.
  • Submit the Field trip Laserfiche paperwork to your campus field trip coordinator to be submitted to School Leadership.
  • Forwarded a copy of the approved Laserfiche document to your CTE Coordinator no less than 21 days in advance.
  • Follow up with your CTE Coordinator 2 weeks prior to your trip to confirm that there is a bus secured for your trip.

In Memory of Vonetta McGee (1973-2022)

An angel walked among us, her name was Vonetta McGee. She was blessed to receive her wings on June 19, 2022. She left a memorable impression on everyone she came in contact. All of her family, son, friends, and colleagues will greatly miss her.

Vonetta was the youngest daughter of eleven siblings. She graduated from Wilmer-Hutchins High School in 1991 and continued her education at Paul Quinn College. She was a faithful and active member of the Evangelist Temple Church of God in Christ.

With grace and love, Vonetta was employed by Dallas ISD since 1996. She supported the CTE department as the Administrative Assistant. Many times she offered support and assistance with an infectious smile and said "Happy to assist you" or "My pleasure".

We will forever remember Vonetta's vibrant energy, dedication to her faith, and service to the community.

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