Meriana Martinez 11.9.14

Why go to Jamaica ?

  1. Jamaica has long beautiful beaches with breathtaking views that you will fall in love with immediately.
  2. The perfect weather with the temperature of 81 degrees, such a cool yet warm weather.
  3. Such friendly people always helping around with a smile in their face.
  4. The sweet sound of reggae music.

Jamaica's Religion

  1. Christianity 64%
  2. Protestants 62%
  3. Roman Catholics 2%
  4. Jehovah's Witnesses 3%
  5. Other Religion 2%
Jamaica's religion is mostly Christianity.

What language do they speak?

Jamaican's mostly speak Patois emerged from the languages of those who came to the island. Centuries later what we have is a colourful lingo spoken by a people with a gift for vivid imagery, ridicule and irony, down-to-earth humour and bawdy cuss-words. A creative intermingling of words which primarily have their roots in the English, French and the African tongues.

Info from --->http://www.visitjamaica.com/feel-the-vibe/patois/what-is-patois?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=what%20language%20do%20jamaicans%20speak&utm_campaign=Jamaica+Culture&gclid=Cj0KEQiAm_eiBRCWgIfq9pK1nZsBEiQAGqUcSRJzHpgjDlzrJTpXR1K63Burq1Cxh-Pwj1T_BUDAQKIaAlIN8P8HAQ

How to say "hey" in Jamaica

English Translation:Hey

Example Sentences(Patois) Yow, wah time yuh did seh yuh a cum?
(English) Hey, what time did you say you were coming?

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Three Major Ethnic Groups

  1. 90.1 % Black
  2. 1.3% East Indian
  3. 0.2 White

Jamaica's Holidays and Festivals

  1. New Years
  2. Ash Wednesday
  3. Good Friday
  4. Labor Day (May 23)
  5. Emancipation Day (August 1)
  6. Independence Day (August 6)
  7. National Heroes day (October 16)
  8. Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 26}

Dances and Music

Traditional Jamaican Dance - Royal Carribean Allure of the Seas
Bob Marley Three little birds (Original)

Jamaica's Economy

"Jamaica is one of the larger Caribbean island and people live and work differently in various parts of the island. Some people work in the busy business areas, some work in the travel industry on the North and West coast of the island while others live in the countryside and are farmers.

Tourism is very important to Jamaica and many Jamaicans work in hotels, restaurants and shops that serve this industry. It is Jamaica's main industry.

Farming is common as many people buy their produce in the local markets in their town or district. Coffee farming and sugar cane are also main industries in Jamaica. Blue Mountain coffee is famous all over the world because of its great taste!"

Read more: http://www.jamaicans.com/childsguide/peopledo.shtml#ixzz3IcVkp5mL

Emancipation Day

"Emancipation Day is a holiday Jamaican's Celebrate because in 1838 the full emancipation began a system that had been tried and tested in the Caribbean since the sixteenth century came to an end. Slavery had within itself the seeds of its own destruction, whether because slaves resisted it (alternating with accommodation), or whether the emergence of a new style capitalism rendered slavery obsolete or incompatible with British industrial society, or whether the merging of philanthropy with evangelical religion helped to frame an ideology that was antagonistic to slavery."

~Jamaica Information System

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