ESL Notes from Mike Bowden

Weeks of April 25th to May 13th

Last Six

Enter Active

The challenge in the last six weeks of class is to maintain focus, interest, engagement and relevance.

Also with the students.

What Do We Want? When do we...

Some of the students begin to drift in thoughts of summer.

Nice weather and longer daylight makes them want to move around more.

You want the class to remain reasonably calm.

What if you met them in the middle?

The Triad

The right amount of writing in every content area, controlled/directed speaking opportunities and daily silent reading at a strategic time of day can give everyone in the room what they need. Some of the time.

Open To Possibilities

Planning more movement-related activity (changing group structures for each content area activity, for example) affords students frequent changes in seating, location and social interaction. That is a classroom engagement and behavior management two-fer.

Written activities are gradeable and could be cross-curricular tasks.

Silent reading - eyes on page, because we know with spring after-school interests, there is a decrease in at-home reading.

What Are Your Thoughts?

How have you approached the last six weeks that you felt really allowed you to leave each day feeling good about deadlines and accomplishments?

Please share what has worked for you in previous years.

Schedule & Availability

Monday Apr 25 - Flower Mound - ITBS morning; Forest Vista afternoon -

Information arrives regarding ELL Summer Learning for students who will enter

PK4 or K in August

Tuesday Apr 26 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Apr 27 - Forest Vista

Thursday Apr 28 - Flower Mound morning; No Chess Club -

West Zone LAS meeting afternoon

Friday Apr 29 - Forest Vista

Monday May 2 - Flower Mound

Tuesday May 3 - Forest Vista

Wednesday May 4 - Forest Vista

Thursday May 5 - Flower Mound

Friday May 6 - Forest Vista; ELL Summer School Forms due from PK3/PK4

Monday May 9 - Flower Mound - STAAR

Tuesday May 10 - Forest Vista - STAAR

Wednesday May 11 - Forest Vista - STAAR; complete ELL Summer School data afternoon

Thursday May 12 - Flower Mound a.m.; deliver ELL Summer School materials afternoon

Friday May 13 - Forest Vista

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