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Weekly Update 5/9 to 5/13

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Monday, May 9

  • Stacy Out

  • Pam Casey here 4:00-4:30 Teacher Compensation Meeting - Library

  • Running Club after school

  • MAP testing

Tuesday, May 10

  • Stacy Out

  • BLT Meeting 7:30-8:15 am

  • Sprout tasting in cafeteria at lunch

  • MAP testing

Wednesday, May 11

  • Stacy Out

  • Running Club after school

  • MAP testing

Thursday, May 12

  • Stacy Out until 12:00

  • Running Club after school

  • PTO Meeting 6:00 pm - library

  • MAP testing

Friday, May 13

  • MAP testing

Upcoming Dates:

  • F and P testing window: April 11-May 20 (Details in Rebecca’s email 4/8/16)

  • PALS testing window April 25-May 20 (Details in Rebecca’s email 4/8/16)

  • May 17 - Showcase rehearsals 4:00-5:00 in Music room

  • May 17 - Staff Meeting 7:30 am

  • May 18 - 4th grade field trip to Old World Wisconsin

  • May 18 - NHI Open House for incoming 5th graders 6:30-8:00 pm

  • May 19 - 7:45 am Open Enrollment Insurance Meeting - library

  • May 19 - Public Library Summer Reading talks 9:00-10:00 am

  • May 25 - Joan Marley SLO Meetings 8-noon in Music Room

  • May 25 - Showcase rehearsal 4:00-5:00 in Music room

  • May 26 - Showcase 9:00 am in Gym

  • May 27 - NO SCHOOL

  • May 30 - NO SCHOOL

Stacy on Vacation

I will be out of town on vacation (at Disney!) from Friday, May 6th through the morning of Thursday, May 12th. I will be arriving back to school around 12:00.

As always, if there is an issue in your classroom, please contact the office and Carol will be sure to find support for your needs.

As an FYI, there will be coverage for the majority of the time I am gone. Please welcome Jill Marr, who will be filling in quite a bit in my absence. I know this is her old "home" so she will slip in really nicely here.

  • Friday, May 6th: 8-12 = Jill Marr; 12-1:45 = Erin Lee; 1:45-3:45 = Jennifer Wagner (on standby at PKL)
  • Monday, May 9th: All Day = Jill Marr
  • Tuesday, May 10th: All Day = Jill Marr
  • Wendesday, May 11th: All Day = Erin Lee
  • Thursday, May 12th: 8-12 = Jennifer Wagner or Tracy Cavanna


Since I will be out of town, there will be no BLT meeting this week. :-)

Remember that at our staff meeting on 5/17, we will be discussing our anecdotal observations of the literacy action steps. (see below)

Reflection on Literacy Commitment Statements

Remember: We will be discussing this at our staff meeting on 5/17 so please be reflective and willing to share.

As we are swiftly moving toward the end of the year, I wanted to make sure you haven't forgotten about the literacy commitments we all agreed to pilot between March and May. Just so it isn't a surprise, we are planning to share out at our May 17th staff meeting how those "trials" were going. I know this might seem like a ways away, but it will be upon us faster than we all realize.

Don't forget to check out the commitments posted in the lounge. If you're looking for ideas of how it's going for others, take a look at other teachers who agreed to "commit" to the same areas.

  • What worked?
  • Did you find anything ineffective? If so, how did you revise your plan?
  • Were there any benefits that you weren't anticipating?
  • How feasible will this be for all staff to add to their programming next year?

Spirit Wear

The Ixonia PTO has reopened our school spirit wear store! Attached you will find a flyer with the items for sale. The store will be open through May 9th. All orders are completed online and must be placed by 11:59 pm on May 9th to be included. The spirit wear will be delivered directly to your child at school by roughly June 3rd. To order use the link www.bsnteamsports.com and type in our school store code falcon2WZ

MAP testing

MAP testing starts this week. Please check out the schedule to see who your lab set-up person is and who the support person to your class will be. If there are no children who need a quiet environment, no support person was assigned.

Goal setting seemed to be quiet effective for fall to winter testing. Consider that for fall-spring. We want to really reinforce to the kids: "Do your best, on the test!"

Common Planning for Remainder of Year

With MAP and PALS testing coming up, we are going to have a couple weeks of planning on your own with your teammates.

  • Week of May 9: Common planning on own
  • Week of May 16: Preliminary class placements
  • Week of May 23: Class placements revisited (all meetings will take place Tuesday, May 24th due to Friday 5/27 off)
  • Week of May 30: Fall intervention placement (move 4th grade to Friday due to Memorial Day)

PIE Time Coming to an End

It's hard to believe that PIE time will be officially ending on THursday, May 12th. Thank you to all staff for your willingness to jump into this new endeavor. All in all, the feedback from staff and students is that this has been a worthwhile commitment of time and planning.

A special thank you to Holly, Cathy, Terri, Rebecca, and Tracy for their hard work doing reading and math interventions. Holly's official last day will be 5/12 and Cathy's official last day will be 5/11, so be sure to wish them well. We hope to have them back next year if this position works for their lives. Terri, Rebecca, and Tracy will be continuing their interventions for a few more weeks. Terri's last day will be May 26th.

Please think as a team about how you may or may not continue to use PIE time for the last 4 weeks of school. Remember that a few students will continue to be pulled for their interventions.

2nd Grade School Board Showcase

Shout Out to Kayla and Dee for creating an impressive, thoughtful presentation to the School Board on Tuesday night, showcasing the amazing community of learners in 2nd grade, highlighting their district UDL work. They represented the positive spirit and quality teaching that is happening throughout Ixonia School! Awesome job!

Positive Student Shout-Outs!

We are still aiming for 100% of students getting some type of positive shout-out sent home throughout this year. As of Thursday, the lists in the lounge indicate that the following classrooms have reached that 100% mark:

  • Losinske
  • Burton
  • Theisen
  • Timm
  • Muroni

To these teachers, there are TWO buy one get one free movie tickets in your mailbox. The same opportunity is available for any other classrooms who achieve the 100% mark by June 1st! Keep up the positive spirit!