Outdoor Classroom LVPS

Mid-year 2016

Welcome to the Outdoor Classroom

This year in outdoor classroom, we'll have exciting news about our school and environment.

Eco Team

The Eco team started up straight away in February. We have 115 members who meet on Wednesdays at 3 different meeting times.
So far the team have taken responsibility for:

· Emptying class room recycling bins

· Helping kinder with their compost bins

· Introducing measures to help classes save on paper usage

· Establishing energy monitors who will reduce electricity waste in class rooms

· Doing some work in the garden

· Bottling and selling worm tea

· Designing and making their Eco team badges

Worm Tea

Our school is selling worm tea for just $2 for 2 litres. It is available Friday afternoons in our school garden from 2:30-3:00.
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Did you know?

4WM actually went on an excursion to Bellerive Beach! Here’s an interview of what one particular student said about the trip.

Where did you go?:

Ayden: We went on the sandy part of the beach and also the rocks.

What did you do?:

Ayden: We sketched a lot of sea life, sand and rocks. We also rock-hopped a long way. Also, on the sandy part of the beach, some geologists told us about erosions and how sandstone is formed.

What time did you leave?:

Ayden: 11:00

What time did you come back?:

Ayden: 1:00

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Kinder and Preps visit Botanical Gardens


  • Elias liked going in the Japanese gardens, the water sculptures and playing in the leaves.

  • Ashlee liked playing in the leaves but not in the house.

  • Isabell also liked playing in the leaves but not on the muddy grass.

  • Eli liked writing on clipboards.

The children learnt about autumn leaves, why they fall down and change colour to yellow and orange.

Open Day - towards Sustainability

Friday, Aug. 19th, 9:30am-12:45pm

Lenah Valley Primary School

Come for a tour of the school with our eco-team guides, learn about our steps towards sustainability, visit activities in classrooms, play some games and see the official opening of the greenhouse.

Tours run between 9.30-11.00am and 11.30am -12.40pm

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