By: Avery Nickles

Due to the fact that Tybalt is a hot head, and doesn't think things through it is his fault that Romeo and Juliet are now dead. Tybalt is not the sharpest tack in the box and his final act of him being alive Tybalt decided to not at all think and Kill Mercutio who was Romeos best friend. This act obviously made Romeo very angry, " Here comes the furious Tybalt .... Alive in triumph, and Mercutio slain?"( Benvolio and Romeo Act 3 Scene 1). After these words are spoken Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished. Juliet soon hears of this and she is devastated. Juliet then starts to feel a jumble of different emotions and starts to talk to her nurse, "Tybalt is gone, and Romeo banished.... did Romeos hand shed Tybalts blood.... O serpent heart, hid with a flow'ring face!"(Juliet act 3 scene 2). Now Juliet is expressing her eminence sorrow over this tragic discovery. Juliets nurse is listening while juliet rants and cries about what happened to Romeo and her cousin Tybalt. The death of Romeo and Juliet is Tybalts fault entirely.
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The Forbidden Love

When I first saw you I froze, and you took my breath away. I know that is a line used often, but this time it is used truthfully. We shall fall in love instantly but it is not right, but we don't care we are young and have our whole lives to be together.Your family hates me very much and I fear one in particular wants to fight me i must watch my back and my friends.My heart hurts as much as if it was impaled with a red hot iron rod. How could this be I know he was hurtful and cruel , but this? Why god! Why must you take my sweet princess from me all because of a fight that was started by her cousin! What have i done now I will never be able to get her back, but at least he got his punishment. What has that fool done! Oh why! How could he fight my family member! Now I will never see my sweet prince ever again.The sorrow in my heart is to much for words , And the person who started this fight was my cousin! At least that is what my prince says. UGH! I have no idea who to trust. It is my prince's fault for being to quick to light the fire. now my prince and I shall never meet again. What is the point of life I know what to do I shall fake my death and sneak away to find him. Oh no my love is now dead without her the sun doesn't shine and the flowers have lost there beautiful scent I must find her in heaven up there with the angels goodbye cruel world I shall now fall into a deep sleep.Forever.

Poem Explanation

My poem supports my explanation because it expresses how some other couple would feel when another family member got involved in there relationship and tore them apart. and one wanted to sneak away to find the other but then the male thought she was really dead and he loved her so much that he decided the world wasn't the same without her and decided to go find her up in heaven with all the other angels.
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This book series resembles what happened with romeo and Juliet the boy in the blue and the girl in front of him met and at first sight fell in love(Romeo and Juliet). Then her best friend(Tybalt) got jealous and wanted to be with her instead of the guy in the blue hoodie. The book series is based on a magical world being discovered so they are all magical beings which makes this a little different that Romeo and Juliet, but still the same concept except in the end The boy in the hoodie and the girl live happily ever after forever because they don't die very easily.