This year has been great

Kyle's Open house presentation

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL was focused on are driving question. Are driving question was how can we make a two storied house for tony stark that will withstand seizmic activity. My design looked like a pryamid and was a pryamid. I learned that there are many ways to make a sturty house in many creative ways.

30 Hands

During the 30 Hands project I learned a lot about climate change and Global Warming. I learned many things I didn't know before. The most exciting par of the project was getting to see what other people did on their project and comparing it to mine.

Invention Convention

For the Invention Convention me and my team member Collin made a air purifier called P.A.F. PAF solves pollution, pollution is a huge problem today and it needs to be fixed. PAF uses UV (Ultra violet) rays and a layer of mesh to trap and sanitize air.