Conservation of the Reddish Egret

Dylan Flatt

What is conservation and preservation?

Conservation (conserve) means to protect something from harm or danger. Preservation (preserve) means to maintain from injury.

How does Preservation and Conservation impact our wildlife laws today?

The Endangered Species Act provides an essential legal safety net to prevent the loss of plant and animal species to extinction. It also holds agencies accountable for protecting endangered species. Also, wherever the endangered species is found, it's habitat must be protected and cannot be transported anywhere else. They also must reduce threats so that means they have to keep the water free from chemicals and stop spread of invasive species.

What is the Reddish Egret?

The Reddish Egret is a Heron-like species that is found year round on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. So it is found in cities such as Galveston, Corpus Christie, South Padre Island, etc. It's Conservation level is near threatened. Has an all pink bill with black at the tip. There are many different types of the Reddish Egret. The normal, dark, and white morphs of it. The normal has a grey feathered body. The dark morph has a much darker gray almost smokey feathered body. The white morph has an all white feathered body. All forms have a reddish neck, hence the name " Reddish Egret" because of its neck. Its natural habitat is a marsh and its main food source is fish. It nests in a tree and its behavior is stalking. Info source on the Reddish Egret- Cornell Lab of Ornithology: