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Literacy Resources for Reading and Writing Workshop

I can't believe it's the beginning of October! We are through the first six weeks of school. I've been amazed during the last few weeks as I've spent time in classrooms watching you establish your classroom communities. I'm looking forward to looking at data with all of you this week and determining how I can help support you and your learners.

This week I am sharing few new favorite books, as well as resources for reading and writing workshop. I've collected some excellent articles and blog posts related to writing workshop and Units of Study. I highly recommend you check them out. I am also sharing some posts related to using levels to plan for instruction in the primary grades, launching reader's notebooks, using sticky notes to track thinking and how to preview your next read aloud with you students. I hope these resources help support your instruction.

Happy Reading!


A New Book to Love

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Here's a great article from the Portland Press Herald about this beautiful book that celebrates E.B. White as a boy and a writer. I love everything about it! It's the perfect book for grades three and up. If you loved Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and Trumpet of the Swan, you will love this book! Let me know if you would like to check it out. I give it my highest recommendation!
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Writing Resources

Students and Goal Setting: My Choice, My Growth, My Responsibility

This blog post is a must read for all teachers who are interested in helping students to set goals. Betsy's examples directly relate to Units of Study in writing. In this post, she shares photographs and a step by step process for making goal setting part of your classroom routine.

Setting Group Goals in the Early Grades

You may want to check out Betsy's tips for creating group goals for her kindergarten writers.

How To Use The Word Wall: From a Student Point of View

Elizabeth Moore shares her tips (from a student's perspective) for supporting students in using word walls to spell high frequency words during writing workshop.

A Step Back, A Leap Forward

Kindergarten teachers, this one is for you! It will confirm your thinking!

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This is a great anchor chart from Franki Sibberson's third grade classroom that shows how she previews a new read aloud with her students. For more information about this chart, check out her blog post listed in the Reading Resources!

Reading Resources

A Level is a Teacher's Tool, NOT a Child's Label

This is such an important article for us to read as we begin small group reading instruction. Reading levels were designed as a tool for teachers, not as a way for students to describe their reading ability.

Teaching Reading Before Decoding? YES!

There are many benefits to teaching our primary students to "read" before they learn to decode. This blog post reminds me of the importance of read aloud, text sets in our classroom libraries, as well as the importance of allowing students to put choice books in their book boxes.

Book Previews for Read Alouds

Take a minute to read this blog post from Franki Sibberson before you begin your next read aloud. She has great tips for leading an interactive preview with students before starting the text. I love her anchor chart of leading students to think before reading!

Great New Blog Posts for Upper Elementary Teachers

Using Sticky Notes to Track Thinking

In this post, Franki Sibberson shares tips for using sticky notes with readers.

Launching Reading Notebooks Early in the Year

Frank has some great suggestions for launching reading notebooks in the upper elementary grades. I have her the new edition of her professional book, Still Learning to Read. Let me know if you would like to check it out for more ideas!

New Read Aloud Recommendations

All summaries are from Goodreads.

Literacy Events at Atwood and Williams

Global Read Aloud - Author/Illustrator Study of Lauren Castillo - October to November

Students at Atwood are enjoying books by author/illustrator Lauren Castillo this month with Mrs. Grenier. Teachers, check out the activity sheets in on the bulletin board in my room for more ideas! Extra copies of each title are available for teachers to sign out! Enjoy!!

WES Read In - November 9

We will be organizing a school-wide Read In at WES in the afternoon! Stay tuned for more details!

Author Visit with Tamra Wight - February 7

We can't wait to welcome Tamra Wight to WES in February! We will be participating in a community read of her mystery series in January!

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