Team Tuttle October Newsletter

What a SPOOKtacular month!

Congrats to these Designers with $500-$1000 (5 levels down):

Abbie Marsh

Allison Byerly

Amanda (Amy) Markham

Amber Applegate

Amy Homan

Amy Meinecke

Angie Gretz

Anna Crowley

Ashley Copeland

Ashley Duffy

Ashlyn Monohan

Auretta Hensley

Brandy Young

Brittany Cook

Candace Mullins

Carree Williams

Catherine Pembleton

Catherine Swaney

Christi Frederic

Christina Dohse

Christina Schaap

Christy & Olivia Inskeep

Cindy Houser

Cindy Jones

crystal barney

Cyndi Upshaw

Darla Shepherd

Dawn Altmannsberger

Dawn Cooley

Desiree Osborne

Donna Oates

Edith Carreras

Elizabeth Wilson

Emily Barlow

Felicia & Danielle McNeice

Franziska DeSalvo

Gilma Acevedo

gina sanford

Ginny Petrilla

Heather Kannard

Holly Holt

ilene stacy

Jamie Cole

Jamie Goff

Janet Maggard

Janice Lopez

Janna Camplejohn

Jaymie Rivaldi

Jeanie Jordan

Jenna Robinson

Jennifer Byrd

Jennifer Mix

Jenny Hartford

Jessie Parker

Judith Alvarado

Karen DiGiaimo

Karen McCravy

Kathy Pardee

Katie Ruvalcaba

Kay Rose

Kelly Green

Kelly Richardson

Kelly & Susan Romard

Kim McDougal

Krista Chambers

Kristin Cochran

Krystal Lanclos

Krystal Niemczura

Laura Dosch

Laurie Defiore

Laurie Durbin

Lesley Horton

Liliana Pereira

Linda Vidrine

Lindsey Riebeling

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Pinasco

Lisa Willey-Lieberman

Lorena Zachery

Lovie Verdin

Lucia Crawford

Lynn McNamara

mai nguyen

Marisa Beachy

Mary Wassell


Meghan Shaffer

Melissa Ashe

Melissa Bierlein

Melissa Burgess

Melissa Gomez

Michaela Mills

Miranda Prins

Missy & Kevin Caldwell

Molly Cornetet

Mona Henagan

Nina David

Pam Fachting

Pam & Megan Osborn

Pamela Daetwyler


Raina Conner

Rita Ponder

Rose Hank

Shakira Baker

Shana Rodgers

Shannon Myers

Shauna Congelliere

Shawn Heroux

Sherry & Bryan Arnold

Staci Hebert

Stephanie Blanchette

Stephanie Boyles

Susan Bunch

Tammy Heotzler

Tammy Volner

Tara Haney

Teresa Treynor

Theresa Likert

Tracy Sheatzley

Victoria Bucy

Congrats to these Designers with $1001-$2000 pv:

Alicia Anthony

Alicia Lehman

Amy Hernandez

Ashley Gordon

ashley kokkinakos

Brenda Pursley

Brenda Jordan

Cathleen Clark

Celia Matthews

Cheree Crowe

Christine Kowske

Christy Kling

Cynthia Davis

Danielle Stevens

Daphne Hubbard

Donna O'Connor

Erica Perez

Heather Cole

Janet Hall

Jennifer Stanford

Jennifer Rassel

Jerry & Pam Moore

Jill Keeney

Jill Guffey

Karen Yoder

Karen Eggen

Katie Moore

Kayla Kaydo

Laurie Mulloy

Libby Skaggs

Lora & Skylar Schott

Loraine Rife

Lou Ann Justice

Marcia Crabtree

Nicole Eberhart

Sarah Wiechmann

Shelby Barger

shelley steinkamp

Shelly Wilcox

Susan Kubiak

Vanessa Raikes

Vanessa Spencer

Vickie & Kaitlyn Dozier

Winter Borstelman

Congrats to these designers with $2001-$3000 pv:

Stephanie Sellen

Aimee Johnson

Mary Iversen

Carmen Josephine Monti

Bobbi Nickerson

Lindsay Witmer

Jacquelline Lund

Yvonne Woolard

Kyna Lunglhofer

The top 2 designers are....

Sandi-Rose Smith with $3,587.60

Paula McCoy-Hatfield with $9,203.95

Whoooo achieved a new title in October? Congrats to these designers who are movin' on up!

Shannon Myers Leading Designer

Donna Oates Leading Designer

Cara Greenwald Leading Designer

Christina Dohse Leading Designer

Jenny Hartford Leading Designer

Jennifer Rassel Leading Designer

shelley steinkamp Leading Designer

Janice Lopez Leading Designer

Christine Bonanno Leading Designer

Juliet Seymour Leading Designer

julie noddin Leading Designer

Cindy Jones Leading Designer

Molly Cornetet Leading Designer

Christy Kling Leading Designer

Cynthia Davis Leading Designer

Wendy Ouder Leading Designer

Shannon Angel Leading Designer

Winter Borstelman Team Leader

Libby Skaggs Team Leader

Krystal Lanclos Team Leader

Susan Kubiak Senior Team Leader

Let's welcome the newest owls to the family! These designers joined in the month of October.

Rhonda Johnson

Amanda Kressley

Rose Ditmer

Kristi Beaucage

Jennifer Coe

Michael Myers

Connie Winn

Dylan Noble

Lourdes Rodriguez

ciara rackers

Pamela Gonzalez

Brinley Johnson

eric schrantz

Lorena Zachery

Charlie Blanc

Laura Krog

Maryann Herman

Gayle Rockey

Betsy Hankins

marisa gambino-huberman

Lori Rettinger

Aimee Oakes

Deanna Hewitt

Cheryl Lewis

Kay Shook

Dianna Shibest

Jessica Evans

Carrie Greever

Cindy Mann


Susan Swierczynski

Sharon Powell

kathy Douglas

Mindy Mellott

Linda GUNN

Thomas Bierlein

Edna Rivera

Acadia Bray

Christina Pullins

Jennifer Thompson

Amanda Miller


Mellissa Jones


Haven Hamrick

lois kitts

Priscilla Flores

Maria Ramos

Patrice Notaro

Kortney Bollock

Marilyn Belille

Janette Funk

Bev Milewski

Tahna Hummel

Bev Root

jessica vivian

Alexandra Bursuc

Jennifer Collie

June Kossow

Sooz Elwell

Rachel Hazlewood

Brooke Smith

Allison Zellman

Judith Anderson

Russ David

Tracey Varner

lorie hennerichs

sharnael wolverton

Lais Reaves

Gwendolyn Robinson

Victoria Bucy

Choya Page

Sara Watson

Sarah Bridges

Candrice Kelly

Anna Crowley

Rachel Allred

Denise Krull

Congrats to these Designers who shared the O2 opportunity and grew their team with 3 or more new designers!

Pam Moore- 3

Celia Matthews- 3

Lindsay Witmer- 3

Melinda Baker- 3

Aimee Johnson- 4

and Libby Skaggs -5 !!

Remember the Power of One!

You are your own best advertisement. What's the best way to show off your business? Your mouth. Never be afraid to talk about your business. The person you are speaking to may be your next hostess, team member, or customer. That one person you are talking to may have a huge network of people that could potentially grow your business. Where do you find these people?

-Revisit your customers. Follow up is key to building a fabulous relationship.

-How long has it been since you filled out your A.L.I.C.E? Even established designers need to review this flyer every 6 months.

-Everyone waits in line somewhere. Don't be shy! Ask if you can hand them a card about Origami Owl!

-Networking groups or Chamber events. This is a fantastic way to get in front of people. See if there is an O2 rep in your local chamber. If not, it could be you.

-Have you worked an event yet? I love vendor/craft shows. Remember, the main goal for these events is to schedule jewelry bars. Next is to offer the O2 opportunity to gain new team members. Lastly, is sales. Get names and email addresses. Follow up!

-Don't forget your hairdresser, nail tech, Realtor, etc.. You have supported them, maybe they can support you.

-Traveling! I actually sold a locket on my way to the first convention. She sat next to me and she had nowhere to go. She was stuck. I had catalogs. The rest is history.

Don't put the 'No' into someone's mouth....meaning don't answer for them just because you ''think'' they will say 'no'. If you never ask, you may never find the one and the power the one could bring!