Fun in the Water

Ava Carter 5th hour

Swimming Safety!

  • Always wear a life jacket in waters you are not sure of
  • Check depth of water
  • Buddy up with someone before jumping in
  • Don't dive
  • Always check for a Life guard
  • know your limits

Boating Safety!

  • Always wear a life vest while on a boat
  • Always sit down while boat is moving
  • Always tell someone were you are going in case of emergency
  • Always have a radio to communicate with other people

Rip current

  • Pulls you back out farther into the water
  • Takes all of your energy
  • Swim parallel to get out of it
  • Don't stand up
  • Always stay in swimming position


  • Always try to stay out of the water when its cold
  • Take off wet layers when clothes get wet
  • Silent killer