By Kalie & Natalie

Addressing a Message

When addressing someone in an email its important to always begin with 'Dear: Mr. , Ms. or Mrs.' Use Mrs. if they are married/engaged. Proper grammar is very important.

Social Media

When commenting on social media, respect others feelings and don't say anything you wouldn't say in person. Also, respect others' privacy when commenting.

Posts on Social Media

Make sure anything you post would be okay with parents and family members. Try to avoid hurting other people's feelings. Avoid cyberbullying.

Do Not Plagiarize

Anything you use from the internet should be sited appropriately. This includes pictures, documents and other work you use in projects or reports. Plagiarizing can have serious consequences.

Personal Information

Do not email, text, or tweet anything personal including your address, city you live in, or where you're going in the future. If someone knows where you are, you could be followed and seriously harmed.

Be Careful with Downloads

Always be careful when downloading anything off the internet. if you are not familiar with what you are downloading, ask a teacher.


Never forward a virus on purpose because it can corrupt many servers and impact important files. It can also harm personal devices.

Dont trust people you meet online

You shouldn't trust anyone you meet online because you never know who could be behind the other screen. Only connect with people online if you already know them.


Never share your password to anyone. If someone is logged into your account and they do something illegal, there is no way to prove it wasn't you, and you could get in serious trouble.


Don't use unfamiliar wifi. Your device could be harmed by connecting to the wrong network.