Welcome to science class!

Earthquake PBL project

This project was about earthquakes and how we had to create a house that would withstand a seismic waves. So we had to get in a group and design a blueprint, which then we had to actually creat with clay, straws, popsickle stucks, and tooth picks. The driving question was " What kind of information will your team need to know to build a two stiry house for Tony Stark in CA?"

My design had an isolated pad, which is something that goes underneath the house so that when an earthquake passes the house would just move with it. The walls were made out off wood because wood obsorbes the motion of the earthquake more than any other material. Thise are just two examples of the things that I included in the project.

In this project I learned how seismic waves are produced and how I could prepare incase of one. I also learned what places in CA there is more earthquakes and were there isn't.

30 Hands project

In this project I learned a lot, but the main idea is that us humans are being inconsiderate to the very place that gives us a home. What we are doing is releasing so many gases that dont just affect the world, but us too. Things such as electricity, cars, and factories are releasing tons of toxic chemicals every day which is killing the world. Our own race is going to extinct humans, animals, and maybe even Earth. This is why we have to all work together and help reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as we can.

I enjoyed learning about this because now I can join in and help as much as I can to help the world and our race keep living. But opening our eyes to what we humans are doing is very sad, and to think that we are killing the only thing that gives us life! Its just sad and mind blowing, but now lets hope that the new generation will be better or will find a sollution to the problems.

Invention Convention

My invention is called The Seed Bottle. It would be reducing the amount of toxic gases being thrown in the air and you would also be reusing the bottle. The way it works is that instead of the bottle being made out of plastic it would be made out of seeds. So you could reuse it as many times as you wanted to, but when you finished using it then you would place it in a car. So insteade of using gasoline to power a car you would use the seed bottle and boiling water which would creat steam or hot smoke that turns the turbine and powers the car.

When a car is powerd usually carbon monoxide would be released, but here since you woud only be using water and seeds all it would do is release steam. The steam would rise into the clouds and be collected as particle of water. This would be reducing the amount of pollution that is being released. You could also reuse the seed bottle and plant it. When planting the seed bottle you would be growing a tree, and the tree woud, help clean the air like a filter. We would also be recieving more oxygen.