by Toni Jones

Culture: Why do many people live in the Andean Highlands or eastern rain forest?

In many highland area near the equator, there is not such thing as changes of seasons, as most of us are used to. These areas' climate is spring all year. This is the type of environment in the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes that led to the only great civilization to be found at high attitudes- the Incas.

Geography: Why does Peru have a Peru Current and how did it form?

The Peru Current is a cold current of low salinity that flows in the north-west direction along the coast of South America. This was named after the Prussian naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt, the current originates in the southern tip if Chile and flows north of Peru and then west along the equator. The current has an impacting cooling influence in the climates of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and Peru. Upwelling is produced due t the displacement of the subtropical center of high pressure during the summer where cold, nutrient- rich waters are brought to the surface.

Resouces/Economy: Why does Peru rely on a variety of natural resources?

In the past ten years, Peru has had a high GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) growth rates because of the natural resources. Peru relies on natural resources because they were very low I money. With biodiversity sustaining a large part of the population, about 22% to Peru's GDP raised. Organic coffee and cocoa are some of the natural resources.

History: Why do the Peruvians blend with Catholic faith with the beliefs of their ancestors?

In the late 1500s, Peruvians' nation of an afterlife very much follow catholic nations of heaven, purgatory, and hell. Groups have been influenced by the Christian nations of Armageddon and rebirth. This symbiotic Christian Andean second-coming myth gain strength in the resistant movement of Tupac Amaru.
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