Quarter 4 Art project

By: Aniyah McGee


I chose this project because mixing colors was interesting to me and I like the way the colors had blended. The process that followed with this project was different from everyone else's. I had used a tint in my color instead of separately, so this allowed me to finish before everyone else. I created a dreamcatcher that had the primary, tertiary, and tint colors in it.
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Artist Statement ( Quarter 2 )

Artist Statement ( Quarter 2 )

I created this work because the art project that I chose to focused on textures and I felt that eye sketches demonstrated texture in artwork nicely. I created this work because the art project that I chose to focus on textures and I felt that eye sketches demonstrated texture in artwork nicely. My vision changed throughout the project because I was not sure what I wanted to do, but for the drawing I chose, my vision was to have an eye that showed a wild, fierce, look to anyone who stared at it. I felt it was challenging because my drawing consisted only one eye.

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Artist Statement ( Quarter 3 )

I chose to do this project because I wanted to see how colors could mix into more colors when mixed the right way. The process was very boring. I can't mix colors and the whole thing didn't turn out right. This project was a waste of time.
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Reflection Questions

1. What I learned about making Art is that perfection doesn't exist. There will always be flaws in the art. I also learned that everyone's art is different in everyone's eyes.

2. What I learned about myself is that I always want things to be perfect and when I make one mistake on a checkpoint I tend to lose interest in the project as a whole.

Inspirations and future plans

Right now, I am not working on any artwork currently and don't really have any visions, but I know for sure that whatever I work on next is something that I want to spend more time and energy on, more energy than my previous projects. I don't have a type of art that inspires me, but one artist that inspires me is Frida Kahlo. I like how every art piece she does has a clear meaning to it instead of being vague like other artists. I feel like other artists have meanings to their artwork, but it isn't clear on why they drew it that way, but everything Frida Kahlo does is clear down to the colors.
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Henry Ford Hospital

The picture up top is named Henry Ford Hospital and it features Frida laying on a hospital bed with hemorrhage. This is one of my favorites about Frida because it shows all her depressions from when she had her miscarriage. It also shows her troubles of deciding between her two homes, with the buildings in the background.

CITATION : Abbey-Lambertz, Kate. "How Frida Kahlo's Miscarriage Put Her On The Path To Becoming An Iconic Artist." The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 13 Mar. 2015. Web. 15 May 2017.

Next Project Plans

Art that I want to make next is like pop art or mixed media art. I'm currently not working on art right now, but I plan to next art class I take.

The kind of art that inspires me the most is surrealism because there are regular items in the paintings, but what they are doing is irregular and I like that.

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