U.S = Canada

Are U.S and Canada almost the same? Find out!


When you think of our trading partners, who do you think of? China, Japan, and other countries in Eurasia. Little did you know that U.S's best trading relationship is with Canada.

This trading relationship provides jobs for millions of people in both countries. Canada is the third biggest supplier of energy to the United States, meaning Canada give U.S lots of oil. Canada gives U.S oil and mines, and we give Canada finance in insurance. Though we have restrictions on what and what not goes through the border, that doesn't stop the two countries from smuggling. But, the U.S established the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which established rules. Therefore the smuggling has gone down significantly.

This is why the U.S and Canada's economy are almost the same and how they work together.


The U.S and Canada share a border, which leads to social and cultural similarity's. Canada's national language is English, which is the same as the U.S, but some Canadians are bilingual. They can speak French and English. Culturally, we are about the same as well. With religions, U.S and Canada both have about the same percent of people who follow Christianity, being at U.S (73%) and Canada (67%). The way we dress is a little bit different. While the U.S has changing temperatures all year due to its position on the globe, Canada has cold temperatures almost all year! Therefore, they have to dress a little more warmly. The U.S and Canada also play about the same sports, them being baseball, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey. Last but not least, the historical influence. Both the U.S and Canada have early historical influences from Europeans, so their early culture was everything but different. Overall, U.S and Canada's cultures and social habits are all but different.
USA vs CANADA: Better Place to Live?

This video above shows some comparison between the two countries. If you can see, most of the things listed in the video are almost the same on both sides


Canada's and the U.S's government are different. Canada has a Constitutional Monarchy, which means that their country is run by a king/queen but has a constitution. The leader at the moment in Canada is Queen Elizabeth the Second (II). The U.S has a Federal Democracy in which we have a president. The president at the moment is Barack Obama. For the Judiciary branch of both governments, they are both almost the same. Both being in which Judges are elected by the queen/president and serve till they retire or past away. The judicial branch of both of the governments both use judges. The judges are elected almost the same way but in Canada, the Queen select's the judges instead of a vote. Laws are made almost the same way in which they pass through the the three houses but in Canada, the executive branch (The Queen) has a lot more power. This is how Canada and the U.S political background are the same.


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