Happiest day of your life? Wedding!

By: Abigail Mintz

What is a Wedding?

There is a three stage process to get to a wedding. They are getting to know your spouse, understanding and growing through differences, and lastly mature love between the two. Some symbols that are involved in a wedding process is the color white. White is a symbol of starting fresh with a new life. That is usually the color of the brides dress. Another symbol maybe cutting the wedding cake together with your spouse. This symbolizes the fact that the two can work together as one to accomplish a task.
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Section 1:

  • Family contributes by usually paying for the wedding or half the wedding. As well as helping with setting up and keeping everything under control so the bride and groom don't freak out from all the work that needs to be done.
  • Peers contribute by either being selected to be a groomsmen or bridesmaid. As well as just showing up to the wedding showing their love and gratitude towards the new couple.
  • Religion can contribute by the location of the actual wedding itself. If you are christian you are usually prompted to have your wedding ceremony in a church. And traditionally they will have a priest as the minister for the wedding.
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Section 2:

  • Political institutions can contribute by how the couple gets married. This can determine if they do have different views that they will not use that against one another.
  • Institutions of law contribute by whether it is a male and female getting married or female and female or male and male. With the law this can determine that you may not actually legally be allowed to get married in certain states.
  • Healthcare institution contributes by either combing their two healthcare or keeping it separate
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