The architects of Burj Khalifa were the Chicago Office of Skidmore, Owings ang Merrill LLP (SOM.) The Burj Khalifa features a triple lobed footprint which looks like the Hymenocallis Flower. Over 40 wind tunnels were placed during the construction to test the effects of the wind to this skyscraper. It is 828 metres in the sky with over 163 floors.

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The Burj Khalifa was finished in 2010. Construction started in 2004.

Here is the timeline

January 2004 Excavation Started

February 2004 Piling Started

March 2005 Superstructure Started

June 2006 Level 50 Reached

January 2007 Level 100 Reached

March 2007 Level 110 Reached

April 2007 Level 120 Reached

May 2007 Level 130 Reached

July 2007 Level 141 Reached (World's Tallest Freestanding Structure)

April 2008 Level 160 Reached (World's Tallest Man Made Structure)

January 2010 Launch Ceremony

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Technical Details

It is 828 metres in the sky

There are 163 levels

Tallest building in the world

Tallest free standing structure in the world

Highest number of stories in the world

Highest occupied floor in the world

Highest observation deck in the world

Elevator with the longest travel distance

Tallest elevator service in the world

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