WCTA Newsletter

October 2015 Volume 1, Issue 2

Walnut Creek Teachers Association

Unions exist to protect the rights of workers. Together our voices are amplified as we defend our interests and, ultimately, improve our students' educational lives.

The life force of any union is its membership. Member participation and mobilization is the only way we can use our union to make positive changes.

It can be intimidating to get involved, but here are some ways you can take part to stand up for yourself and your co-workers.

9 Ways to Get Involved

  1. Read union communications (like this one).
  2. Check out the unions' websites. CTA NEA
  3. Familiarize yourself with the union agreements - our master contract.
  4. Notify your site reps with concerns. (See below for who they are.)
  5. Help foster a workplace based on trust and solidarity.
  6. Attend your union meetings. (See below for upcoming dates!)
  7. Consider running for union office.
  8. Participate in union trainings, educational forums and conferences.
  9. Mentor new employees and fellow union members and share your knowledge and wisdom that you have gained in your years as a teacher.

Heads Up!

Notice of Elections

In October all certificated staff will receive a "Notice of Elections" which lists current credentials and units. It is critical that all staff double- and triple-check that these are up to date. As professionals, we are responsible for their accuracy.

Using School Space for Outside Work

A friendly reminder as we start the school year that any plans for outside work (e.g.,tutoring) located at your school site must be run through the DO.

Walnut Festival Parade

CTA Leadership Conference

BRACE Yourself!

Lisa Muniz and Krista Smith attended this September's California Teachers Association Leadership Meeting in San Jose. BRACE yourself, a daily routine to encourage teachers to take care and nurture themselves, was the theme of keynote speaker Kevin Bracy. Kevin spoke on the immeasurable importance of the teachers in his life who gave him respite from the pain and fear of his home life. "My teachers pulled greatness out of me; the greatness that I didn't know was there... In order to make a difference in the lives we touch every day, we first have to take care and nurture ourselves." He recommends a daily routine called BRACE yourself:

... take 20 minutes of quiet each day to cultivate your own greatness

Begin your day with: 5 minutes to appreciate the quiet and settle your mind.

Reach for greatness: 5 minutes to talk yourself into greatness; remind yourself of your talents and strengths.

Attitude adjustment, all things positive: 5 minutes to be grateful for all that you have.

Change your perspective: 5 minutes to envision the future and all the possibilities for greatness that it holds.

End your night with momentum in sight... "Don't grow weary" of being the best teacher you can be.

November WCTA Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 3:30-5pm

2425 Walnut Boulevard

Walnut Creek, CA

Come to WCTA's next union meeting in Brendan Hurd's room, 202.

Your Representatives

President: Brendan Hurd

Vice President: Alan Siegel

Secretary: Mary Claire Caron

Treasurer: Steve Malton

Rep at Large: Krista Smith

Bargaining Team: Cheryl Metro (WCI), Courtney Hesse (MW), Laura Duggan (TC), Petra Sauve (PM), Sam Dix (IV), Shelly Pattison (BV), Vickie Rohan (WH)

Site Representatives: Vangie Santos-Ong and Sue Gates (BV), Joan Fournier (IV), Julie Craik and Michele Blank (MW), Tara Smallman (PM), Pam Mooers (TC), Shauna Tatum (WH), Lisa Muniz and Sarah Kious (WCI)

Thank A Teacher