Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

March 16, 2018

PSSA Testing Expectations:

Ø Teachers not at a testing site for the week will conduct office hours during PLT with students not testing. Teachers do not need to conduct homerooms during PSSA weeks.

Ø Teachers will meet with their MTSS team twice to discuss students and once with their department team to discuss strategies throughout the 4 weeks of testing.

Ø Teachers need to check email throughout the testing window.

Ø Just a reminder, when students are out testing they are not required to complete class work for those days; the test days count as their attendance for class. Likewise, students not attending testing are required to attend class or complete the required assignment based on the teacher’s testing schedule. Teachers need to submit their testing teaching plans to the appropriate principal for review.

o 6th grade teams – Bridget

o 7th grade teams – Heather

o 8th grade teams - Beryl

ADO Participation

Teachers are encouraged to attend ADO events; however please ensure that you have the approval of your principal/supervisor. We need to know where you are in case we need to reach you during the school day. We also need to know what your class coverage plan is for the day.

FInal Observation/Evaluations

Teacher observations and evaluations will begin at the end of March and take place through April and May. Your principal/assistant principal/director will be in contact to set up a time for the observation through PA-ETEP. Also if you are a Level 1 certified teacher and have not signed the PDE 82 form and submitted to your principal, please sign and submit immediately. It should have been sent to you through the PA-ETEP system. Only level 1 teachers would have received the form. All teachers will receive the form for the final evaluatio

Attendance Reminder:

Just a reminder that we need to give students the benefit of the doubt when they are a few minutes late to class. Collaborate is not always reliable and can cause delays, a teacher may run over time, or the internet may not be working; no matter the reason for the student being late, under five minutes, he or she should not be marked absent. Use the first five minutes of class to have an opening question or fun refresher activity before diving into the daily lesson. After the initial five minutes, students can then be marked absent if they come in after that time.