How to prevent obesity in children- 2nd grade and under


I want to solve the problem of kids being obese. By keeping little kids off the couch and being out side staying active and healthy. In stead of sitting on the couch vegging out. If you eat McDonald's three days a week you will start to gain weight. So in order to be healthy you should cut it down to once a week. In-order for you to get fit and healthy you need to exerciser a lot. You also need to eat healthy foods like fish and baked chicken with vegetables and fruit.


Depending on how old you are you depends on how many calories you should have. If you are a little kid and eat the amount of calories a teenager would eat you would end up over weight and obese. But if your a teenager that eats the amount of calories a little kid would eat you will be very skinny and not very healthy. Your body needs the proper amount of calories to grow and get better to heal and stay healthy.

How to be Healthy and Fit

If you don't want to be obese you should exercise daily. The reason for this is so you can keep the extra weight off. So you don't gain anymore you can just lose weight. but in-order to lose the weight you cant just exercise you have to eat properly to so you can be healthy and fit. if you just eat a bunch of junk all day and exercise you will lose most of that weight but the little the is left will still add up over time. That will lead into obesity. So in-order to be fit you have to be healthy. Once you have been eating healthy you can begin to lose the weight by exercising. If you work out for two hours everyday for two months you will see that there will be a difference in your body weight and shape. That you will be getting smaller which is good then you will be getting fit. Once you get to a weight that you are satisfied with, you have to continue to keep eating healthy and exercising. If you don't you will end up right back at the first step.