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By Victoria, Brittney, Rachel, Stephanie

Stephanie Ciaudelli's Review

Pop by Gordan Korman

A sixteen-year-old boy, named Marcus, moves to a new town in dead summer. He likes to play football and he goes out for the Raiders football team for his school which gets him the star quarter-backs ex-girlfriend, Alyssa. Marcus is at a football field called Three Alarm Park and he meets a stranger with a really hard hit. But, there is something that Marcus does not know about this man. When this man hits Marcus for another time, Marcus’ shoulder pops out and this man says “I love the pop! Sometimes you actually hear it go pop.” First, his name is Charlie. Second, He is a former NFL linebacker. Three, he has Alzheimer’s disease. With Charlie’s disease, things can go terribly wrong. For example, Mr. Oliver is an exterminator and Charlie mess’ with his shop by dumping sweets in the path for the bugs to come in his shop and scare Mr. Oliver. But the next day Charlie forgot about it. For some weird reason Charlie is calling Marcus Mac. It turns out Charlie has an old friend from high school named, James McTavish that he played football with in the same high school that Marcus goes to. Charlie has two kids that go to the same school and a wife. One is the star quarter-back for the Raiders named Troy which is Marcus’ enemy. The other one is Chelsea. Charlie gets in some trouble that gets Marcus in trouble and he takes the blame. Marcus is watching how Charlie is doing by cutting class and following Charlie around all day just to see what his routine is. Charlie has been selected for induction into East Bonaventure University’s sports Hall of Fame and will be presented it at half time of the game and Charlie forgot about it! So Marcus and James take it among there selves to get Charlie to the game in time for him to get his award.

Brittnay Brace's Review

Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

This book in the trilling and drastic ending to The Hunger Games Trilogy it has everything you could love from Suzanne Collins; such as love, romance, action, suspense, and drama. Maybe for some of you there will be crying involved because I know I did. This book is very fast pasted but you can still understand it by all the delicious details. In this last book: Katniss Everdeen has survived her second Hunger Games (the Quarter Quell). While in the games something terrible happened to 12 but her mother, Primrose, Gale Hawthorne, Haymich (her mentor in both games), some other people from 12, and herself are all safe in 13. Beside Peeta who is in the capitol under the power of of the “beloved” President Snow. Katniss and some others(Gale, Finnick, and some of 13’s soliders) go to save him but little does she know this is not the end of the games she knows. So if you enjoyed the rest of the books you will certainly love the drama the last of this very drama filled trilogy. If you paid attention in Catching Fire than you may know some other characters in this book. The suggested reading age would defiantly be from grades 6-12. Some movie that are out about the trilogy you may want to watch are The Hunger Games, Catching Fire(it will be out Nov. 11th, 2013), and this one which will probably be out in 2015-16.

Rachel Kurchinsky's Review

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is a violent and suspenseful book, meant for readers who like fast paced and almost creepy books that make you want to keep reading after every chapter. This book would be meant for any reader that likes a time setting of “in the future” because it is supposed to be the nation after the United States collapsed and wars were strung out for food, water, clothes, and shelter. It takes place in the new nation of “Panem” that rises and takes control. It all starts when Katniss`s 12-year-old-sister gets selected to compete in the annual Hunger Games, a brutal fight to the death between 24 “tributes” who represent their district. Prim, who is innocent and would never hurt anything, would have no chance at all in surviving, and that’s when her older sister Katniss volunteers as “tribute” so her sister can be safe. She is taken into the arena and watched publically on television as she tries to fight off 23 other tributes that are out to get her. The people who took control over “Panem”, the Capitol, watch with entertainment as they get to watch children die, a twisted way to keep the outlying Districts reminded that they are in control and can do anything. The games are their way of keeping the life they live in balance, and to keep the people who are living outside of the Capitol frightened about how much power they have over them. While Katniss is there, she meets the other “tribute” from District Twelve, Peeta, who has been in love with her since he was five. They become allies, and as Katniss moves on from day to day fighting to survive, she is faced with taking care of her one and only true ally, and fighting for her own survival too.

Victoria Bowling's Review

Perfect by Sara Shepard

This book should be for kids in grade seven and up or thirteen and older. This book is about four girls named Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily and these girls are trying to find out who killed their best friend Ali and how Ali disappeared. Ali disappeared in seventh grade and in the book the girls are now in tenth grade. It’s been three years since Ali’s death and disappearance. There has been some anonymous tips from a person called “A”. “A” has made Aria’s, Emily’s, Hanna’s, and Spencer’s life more miserable than ever. The girls suspect that “A” is Ali or “A” is Ali’s killer. In the book the girls go through a lot of drama with each other, their boyfriends, school, sports, friendships, and “A”. There are so many descriptive details in the book it’s like you can vision a movie playing in your head. This book is the third book of A Pretty Little Liars Novel. There are fifteen books in the whole series. These books are Realistic Fiction so what the girls do in the books could happen in real life. The reason why these books should be for kids who are thirteen and older is because there is some cursing in the book, they mention alcohol, and high school parties. There is also a TV series on abc Family. I like how the show relates to all of the books. I’m planning on watching the TV show series after I read all of the books.